Kath Barbadoro: It's Good to be Bad

November 29, 2016

How is grossly insulting someone similar to that classic, vaunted, form of prosaic delivery itself, iambic pentameter? These are the kind of questions that flow through Kath Barbadoro’s mind, and will now be inextricably linked in mine. I think I have a new goal for a skill to develop in 2017.

Every interview of Valerie’s that I cover teaches me something new about comedy and the science and art involved. I’m only slightly exaggerating when I say that her time with Kath took that to an entirely new level.

Born in New Hampshire, Kath Barbadoro grabbed her major at Grinnell College, in Iowa (shout out to Joe Barlow, fellow Iowan graduate and recurring influence in her story), before making her way to Austin. In Part one of their interview, Barbadoro takes Valerie on a journey through her early inspirations, how she chose her current home base, and how she landed an unexpected (and well deserved) role on ATX Uncensored(ish).

Kath Barbadoro: The Past

Kath Barbadoro is in constant pursuit of perfection in her art, and in Part two of her interview, we learn more about her ambitions beyond stand up, and the story behind some of her more well known appearances like Comedy Central: Roast Battle, where she faced off with another Austin favorite, Chris Cubas, and Master Pancake, where she’s appeared with other Comedy Wham alums like Ella Gale. We also get to hear early news about an unreleased upcoming special, and her promise that, no matter where life takes her, she’ll always return to Austin. We have it on tape, Kath, and we’re holding you to it.

Kath Barbadoro: Current

If you do the Twitters, you owe it to yourself to follow Barbadoro to keep up with her latest views on politics, life, and a million other topics. Find clips, press, upcoming dates, and more at her website, kathbarbadoro.com, and on Facebook. If you listen to podcasts, be sure and check out Wigsnatchers, featuring Kath Barbadoro, Chris Cubas, and Ralphie Hardesty.