It's Always A New Episode With Joe Barlow

October 3, 2016

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


Valerie Lopez sits down with Joe Barlow and teases out the many-realmed path from the edges of Illinois (not Wisconsin), to an almost-uncensored comedy/variety show in Austin. (R.I.P….ish?)

Barlow set out to learn from the masters, and, true to his work ethic, made it an all out quest. You’ll recognize the names: Colbert, Conan, Letterman, and SNL all served up marathon style. As a man with a voracious TV and comedy appetite of my own, I stand in awe and approval.

Joe Barlow: The Past

Before landing the critically-lauded (yes, we’re counting ourselves among the fans, dear listeners) ATX Uncensored-ish, Joe Barlow developed his on-air personality on TV screens across central Illinois. Having this kind of variety under his belt made him--while not yet the wry Austin commentator we’d soon come to love - a natural fit to helm the independent, personality driven show. He spent countless hours peering into the lives of Austin entertainers and citizens; this is our chance to turn the mic on him.

Joe Barlow: Current

While ATX Uncensored-ish is no more, Barlow has jumped right into the next phase of his career. You can catch him three times a week as the CW Entertainment Reporter on KXAN News on The CW at 9pm. Valerie (and a particularly racy Kitty Purrington) digs into how the new job is treating him, where (geographically and philosophically) his sights are set in the future, and the dirty secrets of being just the right shade of camera ready.

If you'd like to check up on Barlow, he's got a profile on the CW Austin website. Oh and what about episodes of ATX Uncensored-ish? Thank the universe for YouTube.

Joe Barlow