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Jun 21st
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Jul 11th
Wepa Comedy Festival
Harlem, New York
Jul 11th
Nantucket Comedy Festival
Nantucket, Massachusetts
Jul 18th
Kansas City Fringe Festival
Kansas City, Missouri
Jul 25th
San Diego Comic Con
San Diego, California

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Comedy Festivals
Festival State/Region City Start Date End Date
Alaska B4UDie Comedy Festival AK Anchorage April 1st 2024 April 7th 2024
Big Pine Comedy Festival AZ Chandler September 26th 2024 September 28th 2024
SLO Comedy Festival CA San Luis Obispo February 22nd 2024 February 25th 2024
SF Sketchfest CA San Francisco January 19th 2024 February 4th 2024
Outside Lands CA San Francisco August 9th 2024 August 11th 2024
NoHo Comedy Festival CA Los Angeles August 17th 2023 August 19th 2023
San Diego Comic Con CA San Diego July 25th 2024 July 28th 2024
Adult Swim Festival CA San Diego July 20th 2023 July 22nd 2023
Burbank Comedy Festival CA Burbank August 10th 2024 August 17th 2024
Laugh Riot Grrrl CA Los Angeles June 3rd 2024 June 10th 2024
Netflix is a Joke CA Los Angeles May 1st 2024 May 12th 2024
Comedy Chateau International Comedy Festival CA Los Angeles June 8th 2024 June 15th 2024
Winter Park Comedy Festival CO Winter Park June 2nd 2023 June 3rd 2023
Vail Comedy Festival CO Vail May 24th 2024 May 26th 2024
Telluride Comedy Fest CO Telluride February 15th 2024 February 18th 2024
Mountain Fresh Comedy Festival CO Vail October 10th 2024 October 13th 2024
High Plains Comedy Festival CO Denver September 19th 2024 September 21st 2024
Rise Comedy Festival CO Denver July 26th 2024 August 3rd 2024
Laugh Out Loveland Comefy Festival CO Loveland August 1st 2024 August 4th 2024
JoCo Cruise FL Fort Lauderdale March 2nd 2025 March 9th 2025
P3 Comedy Fest FL Pensacola Beach May 24th 2024 May 26th 2024
Sunshine Comedy Festival FL Tampa January 11th 2024 January 14th 2024
1865 All-Black Comedy Festival GA Atlanta June 15th 2023 June 19th 2023
West End Comedy Festival GA Atlanta February 2nd 2024 February 3rd 2024
Laughing Skull Comedy Festival GA Atlanta October 5th 2023 October 8th 2023
Red Clay Comedy Festival GA Atlanta May 9th 2024 May 11th 2024
All the Laughs Comedy Awards GA Atlanta September 27th 2024 September 29th 2024
Laughfest: Athfest Comedy Showcase GA Athens June 21st 2024 June 23rd 2024
Funlap Comedy Festival IA Des Moines September 29th 2023 September 30th 2023
Des Comedie Festival IA Des Moines October 4th 2023 October 7th 2023
Moscow Comedy Festival ID Moscow September 5th 2024 September 7th 2024
Latina Comedy Festival IL Chicago October 5th 2023 October 7th 2023
Let's Comedy Festival IN Indianapolis September 28th 2023 October 1st 2023
Limestone Comedy Festival IN Bloomington May 31st 2024 June 2nd 2024
Middle Ground Comedy Festival IN Indianapolis April 25th 2024 April 28th 2024
Baton Rouge Improv Festival LA Baton Rouge April 24th 2024 April 28th 2024
Black Girls Giggles Comedy Festival LA New Orleans June 29th 2023 July 2nd 2023
Hell Yes Fest LA New Orleans November 11th 2024 November 11th 2024
LGBTLOL Queer Comedy Fest LA New Orleans May 30th 2024 June 1st 2024
Boston Calling (music w/ comedy) MA Boston May 24th 2024 May 26th 2024
Nantucket Comedy Festival MA Nantucket July 11th 2024 July 13th 2024
Boston Comedy Festival MA Boston March 26th 2024 March 30th 2024
Martha's Vineyard Comedy Fest MA Martha's Vineyard July 29th 2024 August 16th 2024
Salem Comedy & Spirits Festival MA Salem January 25th 2024 January 27th 2024
Whale City Comedy Festival MA New Bedford August 28th 2024 September 1st 2024
Portland Maine Comedy Festival ME Portland September 5th 2024 September 8th 2024
Motor City Comedy Festival MI Detroit September 14th 2023 September 17th 2023
Gilda's Laughfest MI Grand Rapids March 6th 2024 March 10th 2024
Detroit Women of Comedy Festival MI Detroit May 17th 2024 May 18th 2024
10,000 Laughs Comedy Festival MN Twin Cities October 12th 2023 October 14th 2023
Kansas City Fringe Festival MO Kansas City July 18th 2024 July 28th 2024
Flyover Comedy Fest MO St. Louis November 14th 2024 November 16th 2024
Fountain City Comedy Festival MO Kansas City October 12th 2024 October 14th 2024
Big Sky Comedy Festival MT Billings October 2nd 2024 October 5th 2024
Last Best Comedy Festival MT Bozeman September 12th 2024 September 14th 2024
Queen City Comedy Experience NC Charlotte September 6th 2023 September 10th 2023
Asheville Comedy Festival (Laugh Your Asheville Off) NC Asheville August 7th 2024 August 10th 2024
North Carolina Comedy Festival NC Greensboro September 18th 2024 September 22nd 2024
Omaha Comedy Fest NE Omaha September 26th 2024 September 29th 2024
Great American Comedy Festival NE Norfolk June 13th 2024 June 15th 2024
Atlantic City Comedy Festival NJ Atlantic City October 7th 2023 October 8th 2023
Meadowlands Comedy Festival NJ Flanders April 24th 2024 April 28th 2024
Jersey City Comedy Festival NJ Jersey City June 11th 2024 June 15th 2024
CloudTop Comedy Festival NM Santa Fe May 9th 2024 May 12th 2024
Laugh After Dark Comedy Fest NV Las Vegas October 1st 2023 October 5th 2023
Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival NV Las Vegas September 22nd 2023 September 24th 2023
Skankfest Vegas NV Las Vegas September 27th 2024 September 29th 2024
Black Women in Comedy Festival NY Brooklyn June 19th 2024 June 23rd 2024
Very Big Very Asian Comedy Festival NY New York April 27th 2023 April 30th 2023
New York Comedy Festival NY New York November 8th 2024 November 17th 2024
Finger Lakes Comedy Festival NY Ithaca September 28th 2023 September 30th 2023
Uptown Comedy Festival NY Utica October 5th 2023 October 8th 2023
New York Arab-American Comedy Festival NY New York November 16th 2023 November 19th 2023
Empire State Comedy Festival NY New York March 28th 2024 March 31st 2024
New York Comic Con NY New York October 17th 2024 October 20th 2024
Wepa Comedy Festival NY Harlem July 11th 2024 July 14th 2024
The Ladies Room Comedy Festival NY New York November 9th 2024 November 10th 2024
5th Borough Comedy Festival NY Staten Island September 19th 2024 September 22nd 2024
Cleveland Comedy Festival OH Cleveland November 8th 2023 November 11th 2023
Rubber City Comedy Festival OH Akron May 1st 2024 May 4th 2024
Columbus Comedy Festival OH Columbus August 14th 2024 August 18th 2024
Gathering of the Juggalos OH Thornville August 14th 2024 August 18th 2024
Blue Whale Comedy Festival OK Tulsa August 22nd 2024 August 24th 2024
Ha-Ha-Harvest Comedy Festival OR Portland November 24th 2023 November 26th 2023
NW Black Comedy Festival OR Portland February 15th 2024 February 18th 2024
Poconos Comedy Festival PA East Stroudsburg August 25th 2023 August 27th 2023
Flagship City Comedy Festival PA Erie April 25th 2024 April 28th 2024
SteelStacks Improv Comedy Festival PA Bethlehem January 26th 2024 January 27th 2024
Philly Sketchfest PA Philadelphia May 31st 2024 June 8th 2024
Rogue Island Comedy Festival - Fall RI Newport October 10th 2024 October 13th 2024
Rogue Island Comedy Festival - Spring RI Newport May 23rd 2024 May 27th 2024
New South Comedy Festival SC Greeneville November 2nd 2023 November 11th 2023
Sno Jam Comedy Festival SD Sioux Falls January 18th 2024 January 21st 2024
Lookout Comedy Festival TN Chattanooga October 18th 2023 October 21st 2023
Memphis Urban Laughs Comedy Festival TN Memphis October 12th 2023 October 15th 2023
Nashville Comedy Festival TN Nashville April 12th 2024 April 21st 2024
The Riot Comedy Festival TX Houston April 4th 2024 April 7th 2024
Deep Ellum Comedy Festival TX Dallas July 27th 2023 July 29th 2023
Plano Comedy Festival TX Plano October 22nd 2023 October 29th 2023
The Velv Fest TX Austin September 29th 2023 September 29th 2023
Wild West Comedy Fest TX Early April 5th 2024 April 7th 2024
Fem Comedy Fiesta TX San Antonio March 12th 2024 March 17th 2024
Altercation Comedy Festival TX Austin November 13th 2024 November 16th 2024
Austin Sketch Fest TX Austin May 23rd 2024 May 26th 2024
Lysistrata Comedy Festival TX Austin April 4th 2024 April 7th 2024
Tower City Comedy Festival TX Paris January 25th 2024 January 27th 2024
SXSW TX Austin March 8th 2024 March 12th 2024
Moontower Just for Laughs Comedy Festival TX Austin April 10th 2024 April 21st 2024
Vermont Comedy Festival VT Woodstock November 30th 2023 December 3rd 2023
Big Pond Improv Comedy Festival VT Burlington September 12th 2024 September 14th 2024
Upper Left Comedy Festival WA Seattle April 25th 2024 April 27th 2024
Que Chiste Comedy Festival WA Seattle October 9th 2024 October 12th 2024
Badgerland Comedy Festival WI Janesville May 1st 2024 May 5th 2024
Milwaukee Comedy Festival WI Milwaukee October 1st 2024 October 6th 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
Adelaide Fringe Festival Adelaide February 16th 2024 March 17th 2024
Brisbane Comedy Festival Brisbane May 26th 2024 May 26th 2024
Canberra Comedy Festival Canberra March 13th 2024 March 24th 2024
Melbourne Comedy Festival Melbourne March 27th 2024 April 21st 2024
Perth Fringe Perth January 19th 2023 January 20th 2023
Perth Comedy Festival Perth April 22nd 2024 May 19th 2024
Just for Laughs Sydney Sydney November 12th 2023 November 20th 2023
Festival City Start Date End Date
Just For Laughs Bermuda Hamilton February 21st 2024 February 24th 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival Calgary June 1st 2023 June 11th 2023
Edmonton Comedy Festival Edmonton September 27th 2023 September 30th 2023
Halifax Comedy Festival Halifax May 8th 2024 May 11th 2024
HUBCAP Comedy Festival - French Moncton January 24th 2024 January 27th 2024
HUBCAP Comedy Festival - English Moncton January 31st 2024 February 3rd 2024
Just For Laughs Montreal Montreal July 14th 2023 July 29th 2023
Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival Toronto March 16th 2024 March 17th 2024
Just For Laughs Toronto Toronto September 21st 2023 September 30th 2023
Just For Laughs Vancouver Vancouver February 17th 2024 February 26th 2024
Winnipeg Comedy Festival Winnipeg April 30th 2024 May 5th 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
Bath Fringe Festival Bath May 24th 2024 June 9th 2024
Brighton Fringe Brighton May 3rd 2024 June 2nd 2024
Slapstick Comedy Festival Bristol February 14th 2024 February 18th 2024
Greenwich Comedy Festival Greenwich September 13th 2023 September 17th 2023
Leicester Comedy Festival Leicester February 7th 2024 February 25th 2024
Vault Festival London January 24th 2023 March 19th 2023
Just for Laughs London London March 15th 2024 March 16th 2024
Greater Manchester Fringe Festival Manchester July 1st 2024 July 31st 2024
Nottingham Comedy Festival Nottingham November 3rd 2023 November 11th 2023
Wells Comedy Festival Somerset May 24th 2024 May 26th 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
Tomatoes! Tomatoes! Tampere June 15th 2024 June 15th 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
Cologne Comedy Festival Cologne October 26th 2023 November 4th 2023
Hamburg International Comedy Festival Hamburg April 26th 2024 April 27th 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
Kilkenny Cat Laughs Comedy Fest Kilkenny June 2nd 2023 June 4th 2023
Festival City Start Date End Date
Italy Comedy Festival Florence April 17th 2024 April 20th 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
Utrecht International Comedy Festival Utrecht February 22nd 2024 March 2nd 2024
New Zealand
Festival City Start Date End Date
NZ International Comedy Festival Auckland May 3rd 2024 May 26th 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
Crap Comedy Festival Oslo January 25th 2024 January 27th 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
Edinburgh Fringe Festival Edinburgh August 2nd 2024 August 26th 2024
Glasgow Comedy Festival Glasgow March 13th 2024 March 31st 2024
Festival City Start Date End Date
Festival Internacional de Comedia de Barcelona Barcelona November 10th 2023 November 26th 2023
Festival City Start Date End Date
Montreux Comedy Montreux November 8th 2023 November 18th 2023
Festival City Start Date End Date
Machynlleth Comedy Festival Machynlleth May 3rd 2024 May 5th 2024