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December 8, 2021

Guest column

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If you don’t look out for others, who will look out for you?
Whoopi Goldberg

Hi, from New Orleans!

Recently, I’ve travelled to New Orleans to perform on Comedy F*ck Yeah and to produce The Funny Women Showcase. What a whirlwind! My favorite part is when I had someone define intersectionality for me and then shared a story incorporating that definition. Heavy stuff but I truly believe you can talk about anything in comedy if you can find the right button. It’s not about shocking people but finding the threads of humanity that connect us all. You may not understand me as a Black woman, but you may relate to the feeling of getting older, being horny, not exercising as you should, or feeling afraid. We all share the human experience.

Who am I?

I’m Rochelle McConico, owner of MoonCricket Productions, a live comedy event company. I am a standup comedian, improviser, sketch actor, writer, director, producer and podcaster. I am writing for Comedy Wham because they actually read their inbox messages. If you want to do so as well - submit your pitch here:

What's in this blog?
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Now let’s get into it!

This Week’s Randomness Packaged as Insight

We all bomb. No we are not all the bomb. That would be good. (Also I’m showing my age with that saying.) But we all bomb. Sometimes we are just not funny.

Some people blame the crowd, others blame themselves. I’m guilty of doing both. I’m told you’re not supposed to blame the crowd but darn it sometimes people come in with the tightest ass possible. Even Jane Fonda couldn’t pry those cheeks apart to make them fart - let alone laugh.

But ultimately it’s our job as comedians to connect, find common ground, and make ‘em laugh. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you bomb.

And when you bomb, you need a support system. On this journey, support is the greatest gift a comedian can have.

Whether it is a family member - usually a long lost cousin who is waiting for you to make it so that they can borrow fifty dollars - or a neighbor - hoping that you’ll do a joke about them, their garden and their sciatica which isn’t funny at all but you don’t know how to tell them so you laugh awkwardly and promise to take it under advisement - you need somebody.

I’m a fan of the comedy buddy. Family and friends can be short-sighted and really insistent about that fifty dollars but the comedy buddy is on the same level as you and understands the struggle is real. Comedy buddies are with you at midnight vying to get three minutes on a show that has forty-five people on the list. They are the ones that know that you are eating ramen - not like the twelve dollar bowl that is all the rage at the poke restaurant - but the ramen that’s all the rage with college kids. And you’re not being ironic.

These people are your tribe. They’ve heard your jokes a hundred times - not that they wanted to - so they have some insight. They are at least as crazy, foolish, idealistic, hopeful and sleep-deprived as you, oh and hungry. Can’t forget hungry. So find some folks to ride out this journey with because yes it is a competitive sport, but we all do better when we work together. Just watch out in the parking lot!

(If you didn’t get that last line it’s a reference to Nancy Kerrigan and my darkness explained in the first article Rochelle Takes On Comedy #1)

This Week’s Show Review and/or Shameless Plug

Open Michelle Show and Michelle Showcase

Co-hosted and Co-Produced by Alyssa Spatola and Sarah Spear

Every other Tuesday at the Romo Room we are gifted with the rare jewel of the Open Michelle. It is an open mic for women and people who identify as nonbinary. I love to go to this show because of the supportive atmosphere. It feels like a pep rally! When you leave, you’re gassed up for the next trip on your comedic journey. I have never been to a show and felt down after it. Totally good vibes! So shout out to Alyssa and Sarah for creating the space.

l also have to give a shout out to a new comic on the scene, Dana, who graced the stage. She did a lovely set that made us all laugh and gave us insight on her life in Miami. She then followed it up with asking for feedback. How brave is that!

This is something I struggle with but she was ready for it; and in a room full of strangers, she solicited our advice on tags and ways to sharpen and expand her jokes. So dope! Thanks Dana for reminding me that we are all in this thing together. Huzzah Comedians!

Open Michelle is a place where women joke openly about their lived experiences and now they even have a booked showcase. I’m excited to see what else Alyssa and Sarah have cooking. Ladies, keep doing what you’re doing! The ladies who performed are below. Follow them… on IG, not to their cars.

Open Michelle

The Michelle Com­e­dy Show

Come See Me!

Skivvies - The Creek and the Cave; Dec. 13th at 9:30pm

Skivvies - The Creek and the Cave; Dec. 27th at 8pm

Buzzkill - The Buzz Mill; Dec. 29th at 8pm

Alright y’all I’ll see you next time! Please feel free to leave a comment, or let me know of a show I should go see by hitting me up on IG at @rochelle_war or on FB: MoonCricket Productions LLC. Thank you Comedy Wham for the platform. You rock!

PS: My Venmo is @Rochelle-McConico, and my CashApp is $rochellemcp. Just in case you were wondering. Cheers!

About Rochelle McConico

Rochelle McConico is the founder and CEO of MoonCricket Productions a live entertainment company specializing in interactive, multisensory comedic events. She is a visionary, writer, producer, and performer. In June 2020, Rochelle launched the Amuse-Bouche Comedy Festival to showcase the many great improvisers, comedy podcasters and stand-ups in New Orleans and performed as all three.

Rochelle also wrote, directed, and starred in three plays centering her alter ego character, billionaire media heiress Stangela Angela Hemsworth Kingsley Winthrop Farouk Adams III. I’m Only Here for the Snacks, and Stangela for President were both featured at Infringe Fest 2018 and 2019. Her third play Stangela’s Swamp Thing is currently in production and premieres June 2022. Rochelle also co-produces and co-hosts the comedy-advice video podcast Not Another Black Show and a bi-monthly live-streamed show - The Bookclub. Both shows are designed to take on serious topics and be seriously funny.

Additionally, Rochelle is a member of the multi-talented No Lye Comedy collective - a group of dynamic Black femme comedians. With No Lye Comedy, Rochelle co-produced and co-wrote the sketch and variety show Comedy.Peridot, performed sketch in the Dallas Comedy Festival and the Los Angeles Diversity in Comedy Showcase (LADC), and performed improv in the inaugural 2019 New Orleans Improv Festival and 2021 Baton Rouge Improv Festival. Rochelle has also written and performed for Morphed, a monthly stand-up and sketch show in New Orleans, and performed stand up in the Black Girl Giggles Festival.