Review: Tyler Morrison: Savage

December 15, 2018

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Tyler Morrison's Savage might as well be called a self-titled release, because the name is synonymous with his savage style of roast comedy. After his performance at the roast of Ron Jeremy, it shouldn't be surprising that Morrison knows how to land a sick burn. I became a fan of Tyler Morrison listening to his podcast The Rude Dudes, and his sharp-tongued style of ball-busting his friends was exactly my kind of comedy.

Back to the album at hand. Savage could be one long roast of pop culture, politics, and humanity. Morrison takes a hilarious scorched-earth policy while taking people, and nations alike, to task. No one and nothing is off limits and I loved it. Seeing that Morrison is Canadian, he gives the ol’ USA quite a pounding, but quite frankly, it's probably a fair take. As much grief as South Park alone has given Canada, let's face it, we had it coming.

Morrison does take time for self-deprecation just to remind you that he's never “punching down.” But punch he does, because some of his zingers hit so hard and fast that you might not want to be taking a sip of anything while listening.

The hysterical savagery of this album may explain Morrison's companion release, Comedy Exile, but I think Morrison puts it best, shortly into the set, “The name's Tyler Morrison, how do you fuckin’ like me so far?”

We like you, Tyler...we really like you.

Go download Savage now!