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April 19, 2019

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Success in comedy can be boiled down to this simple truth: when you work hard, speak from the heart, and talk freely about titties, the possibilities are endless. Shondee Superstar is a superb album because it captures all of those ideas. This is a must-have for your comedy album collection. I’m personally very happy the album closes with “I Just Need To Get Famous” because that joke is one she performed on the night she won Funniest Person in Austin and one that has always brought me irrationally giddy joy. ~ Valerie Lopez

Next week marks the release of Lashonda Lester's posthumous album, Shondee Superstar. I'll be honest, even deciding which tense to write this review in was difficult, but Lashonda's spirit and influence on the Austin comedy scene still resonate so strongly that “present” is the only tense that made sense.

This album comes two years after her passing and it couldn't come soon enough. I was concerned about how it would feel listening to her voice for the first time in a while, concerned I would cry. Cry I did, but not like you think. Shondee Superstar is so hilarious, it reminds you why Lester is still Austin's Queen of Comedy. I was crying tears of absolute laughter. It's hard not to share bits, but trust me, you'll never view the auto industry the same way again.

Lester's knack for storytelling paints the picture of a diverse and fantastic voyage. From her time in Detroit, “The Murder Mitten,” to her time with family in Austin, the everyday and the surreal experiences are covered.

Shondee Superstar shows how Lester can turn a simple phrase with perfect timing and absolutely slay an audience. Recorded at The Velv, the video is also available and shot beautifully!

Shondee Superstar is available April 26th on Stand Up! Records.

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