Review – Johnny Taylor: Bummin’ with the Devil

December 26, 2018

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I don’t think it’s a shock to say that Johnny Taylor has a flair for dark irreverent humor. His debut album, Tangled Up In Plaid, established that. I have had the pleasure of seeing him live several times and interviewing him for Comedy Wham Presents. The question is, how has Taylor evolved and grown with his follow up album, Bummin’ With the Devil?

Pure and simple, Taylor has now secured a spot as one of my favorite storytellers. His ability to turn a phrase that kills is one of my favorite skills in his arsenal. His ability to coin a term is so magnificent, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them become common phrases. It is hard to make me laugh to the point of tears if I’m sitting in a room alone, but there is a certain childhood bit (Flashdance) that Taylor shares that had me there, truly gut-laughing in my living room.

Taylor brushes on the current state of affairs in the world and brief observations, but his bread and butter are personal anecdotes, weaved into a tapestry of one very fantastic album.

Taylor’s pacing and delivery are perfect and you can tell that he’s grown more comfortable as a performer and a polished storyteller. Relistening to my favorite track as I write this, I would beg The Moth Radio Hour to consider an invite. Until they do, I suggest you go pick up Bummin’ With the Devil, which comes out December 7th on Stand Up! Records.

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