Story Time With Bob Khosravi

July 19, 2016


Lara Smith


David Thomas


I appre­ci­ate a good sto­ry teller — a come­di­an who can take the imag­i­na­tions of the audi­ence mem­bers on a jour­ney of neon col­ored shenani­gans, along roads lit­tered with uni­corn poop and mag­i­cal insan­i­ty dust. Bob Khos­ravi (long o”) is a soft spo­ken come­di­an who enrap­tures his audi­ences with his sto­ries — prov­ing you don’t always have to be loud to be heard.

As he chats with Com­e­dy Wham’s Lara Smith, Khos­ravi shows love to his dad, who he calls a nat­ur­al sto­ry teller, along with fam­i­ly friend­ly Bill Cos­by, George Car­lin, and of course Eddie Mur­phy. The lat­ter two had to be heard on the sly since his dad was try­ing to be care­ful with what his son was lis­ten­ing too. But kids will be kids and the rest, and Khos­ravi usu­al­ly fig­ured out a work away to hear the adult stuff. I’m sure he did­n’t hide it in his under­wear draw­er under that one pair of socks. My mom kept find­ing my Pub­lic Ene­my cas­settes there.

Com­e­dy Wham Presents: Bob Khosravi

This is a fun inter­view. Khos­ravi goes into the details of being a first year com­ic and deal­ing with tough rooms. One sto­ry in par­tic­u­lar is pret­ty amaz­ing. Sor­ry kids, no hints this time. You’ll have to hear it in his own words. Bob Khos­ravi is active in the Austin com­e­dy scene and can be seen a the vari­ety of shows going on around town, so keep an eye out for him. It’ll be worth it.

Bob Khosravi