Sophie Buddle and Her Hot Takes

June 5, 2023

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Valerie Lopez

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2023 Moontower Just For Laughs Comedy Festival Series

The 2023 Moontower Just For Laughs Comedy Festival is blessing us with 2 weeks of comedy, film, live podcast, and afterparties. Comedy Wham is featuring our favorite conversations from this year's festival. Enjoy!

Is it Real or is it Chat GPT?

Inspired by our conversation with Sophie, we are issuing a challenge to our readers - is it real or is it Chat GPT? One of these recaps was written by the Comedy Wham team of Valerie and Lara and the other recap was written by Chat GPT. Can you tell the difference (Valerie and Lara hope you can). Enjoy the fun!

Article I

Get­ting to know peo­ple is hard. Intro­duc­tions can be a dance of social awk­ward­ness, but you find your foot­ing. Get­ting to real­ly know who a per­son is at their core is exquis­ite­ly dif­fi­cult, but that’s part of our mis­sion at Com­e­dy Wham. Let­ting you know the per­son behind the per­son behind the mic. 

In our most recent inter­view with Sophie Bud­dle (inter­view num­ber three, if you’re count­ing), I feel like we real­ly hit the mark, but we can’t take all the cred­it. I’ve lis­tened back to our first inter­view with Bud­dle (gosh, I wan­na call her Sophie), and when I lis­tened I heard a very fun and curi­ous per­son, so you were get­ting the real her, but in-per­son there was a very pro­fes­sion­al and com­posed Bud­dle that bor­dered on shy. 

This year a viva­cious, gre­gar­i­ous old friend showed up full of sto­ries and ready to dish! We got the same Bud­dle in 2023 that we got in 2022, but this year we got Sophie at her core, giv­ing us a look into all the expe­ri­ences and the very big dif­fer­ence one suc­cess­ful flour­ish­ing year can make. 

Nobody in my family will talk this long about this with me. So I'm very relieved. That’s why I started the podcast.
Sophie Buddle

Bud­dle has been very busy {non-stop tour­ing across the coun­try, record­ing a new spe­cial, record­ing a Com­e­dy Cen­tral spe­cial) but also cred­its her more relaxed Moon­tow­er self with hav­ing made more friends in the indus­try and feel­ing more com­fort­able now that Austin, Texas is no longer a stranger to her. In the span of one year, she’s per­formed two Moon­tow­ers and a head­lin­ing spot at Cap City Com­e­dy Club, which means Austin is now a famil­iar friend. 

When I say Bud­dle is curi­ous, it shows imme­di­ate­ly. Inter­views often start with many questions…from her. Her pod­cast Obsessed with Sophie Bud­dle digs into her curios­i­ty about the both pop­u­lar and obscure things peo­ple are obsessed with (from vine­gar to Meryl Streep). She admit­ted to us that nobody in my fam­i­ly will talk this long about this with me. So I’m very relieved. That’s why I start­ed the podcast.” 

. . . I really think that we exist to laugh. And, of course, a comedian is going to be peddling that kind of narrative.
Sophie Buddle

Bud­dle can take con­ver­sa­tion­al dives into her own fas­ci­na­tions from fash­ion to Chat GPT and the poten­tial soci­o­log­i­cal impacts of tech­nol­o­gy. She drifts us into exis­ten­tial placid­i­ty and joy, with some refresh­ing philoso­phies about why we are here (atten­tion Shane Mauss!). Meld­ing philoso­phies seems to please her, too. Bud­dle says I have been think­ing a lot about why we exist in a more kind of exis­ten­tial way. And I real­ly think that we exist to laugh. And, of course, a come­di­an is going to be ped­dling that kind of nar­ra­tive.” I thought we exist­ed to eat choco­late, but I’m not about to argue with my new best friend. 

This isn’t to say Buddle’s life has been smooth sail­ing since last year’s Moon­tow­er. She’s final­ly learn­ing to dri­ve (in Los Ange­les? No thank you!) and dur­ing our con­ver­sa­tion, she recounts the tale of her recent­ly released spe­cial, that … is no longer avail­able (extra hard teas­er to lis­ten to the episode to hear her tell the story).. 

But there’s so much going in the right direc­tion for Bud­dle. She recent­ly land­ed her sec­ond late night appear­ance on The Tonight Show with Jim­my Fal­lon, we’ll soon be see­ing her on Com­e­dy Cen­tral, and she is in the throes of a vin­tage cycling shirt fash­ion renaissance. 

Catch­ing up with Bud­dle may have to become an annu­al tra­di­tion (don’t be jeal­ous Jere­mi­ah Watkins). She is hys­ter­i­cal­ly fun­ny on stage and an absolute­ly bril­liant con­ver­sa­tion­al­ist off stage. We might just be obsessed.

Article II

In the vast expanse of pod­cast­ing, there’s a cer­tain charm that comes with a con­ver­sa­tion that is as enlight­en­ing as it is humor­ous. The recent exchange between Valerie Lopez and the comedic vir­tu­oso, Sophie Bud­dle, was a per­fect exam­ple of this — a delight­ful fusion of wit, wis­dom, and a rather unex­pect­ed con­fes­sion about teenage boys.

Sophie Bud­dle, a come­di­an who can make even the sternest of faces crack a smile, was on top form. Her wit was as sharp as a fresh­ly honed blade, cut­ting through the air­waves with pre­ci­sion and leav­ing lis­ten­ers in fits of laugh­ter. Valerie, our ever-gra­cious host, was the per­fect coun­ter­point, her laugh­ter pro­vid­ing the ide­al accom­pa­ni­ment to Sophie’s comedic concerto.

We're so on the same page with everything my boyfriend is saying. It's weird that we just are exactly the same music. I'm just a teenage boy, I think.
Sophie Buddle

Bud­dle also shares the secret to some of her comedic influ­ences. The con­nec­tion I have with teenage boys is so deep. Like, we have the same exact inter­est,” she declared, with a dead­pan deliv­ery that would make a stand-up com­ic proud. She fur­ther elab­o­rat­ed on her bond with her boyfriend’s nephew, stat­ing, We’re so on the same page with every­thing my boyfriend is say­ing. It’s weird that we just are exact­ly the same music. I’m just a teenage boy, I think.” The teenage boys of the world, no doubt, felt a sud­den kin­ship.

When asked for one word to describe her future, Sophie, with­out miss­ing a beat, respond­ed, Enlight­en­ment.” A lofty goal, indeed, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing her pre­vi­ous year’s choice was Mon­ey.” Sophie’s dry remark about her past choice was deliv­ered with a cer­tain charm. I still wish it was mon­ey,” she admit­ted, prov­ing that even comedic mae­stros aren’t immune to the allure of finan­cial stability.

I still wish it was money...
Sophie Buddle (on her "one word for the future")

The rap­port between Valerie and Sophie was pal­pa­ble through­out the inter­view. Their con­ver­sa­tion was a delight­ful dance of wit and wis­dom, with Sophie’s humor lead­ing the way. Her part­ing words were a tes­ta­ment to this cama­raderie. Amaz­ing. Well, it’s so great to sit down with you again,” she said, leav­ing lis­ten­ers with a sense of shared laugh­ter and con­nec­tion.

With Sophie Bud­dle, the one thing you can be cer­tain of, is the next thing you see is like­ly to be the last thing you expect. So, stay tuned for more of Sophie’s comedic adven­tures on social media and beyond. After all, in the world of com­e­dy, every day is a new performance.

Fol­low Sophie

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Sophie Buddle