Kelsey Caine Can't Stop, Won't Stop

April 20, 2016


Valerie Lopez


David Thomas


Kelsey Caine is a com­e­dy run­away. Orig­i­nal­ly from Hous­ton, Caine left her joke crack­ing fam­i­ly to pur­sue high­er edu­ca­tion in Austin, which is where she got going in com­e­dy and final­ly land­ed in New York. This is anoth­er inter­view that becomes a wild ride as Valerie Lopez bare­ly has time to buck­le up before Caine mash­es the gas and throws it into 5th gear.

In part one of her inter­view, Kelsey Caine speaks to Valerie about watch­ing Sein­feld at six years old, grow­ing up in what can only be described as a ball-bust­ing fam­i­ly and her love of Pat Dean and Mar­tin Urbano.

Kelsey Caine Pt. 1: The Past

In part two of her inter­view, Caine moves to NYC, charms the com­e­dy scene there and ends up run­ning a cou­ple of open mics and devel­op­ing a pro wrestling themed com­e­dy show.

Kelsey Caine Pt. 2: Current

Kelsey Caine is in town this week for Moon­tow­er Com­e­dy and Odd­i­ty Fes­ti­val and is fea­tured on the Austin Tow­ers show­case at 8:30pm from the Velv on the 21st. This show hap­pens to be one of my picks for the festival.

Kelsey Caine