Jeremiah Watkins: It's Daddy Time Again

May 7, 2023

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With five pre­vi­ous inter­views on Com­e­dy Wham, you’d think there’s no way Jere­mi­ah Watkins has got some­thing new to dis­cuss. But the Los Ange­les-based com­ic always has mul­ti­ple plates spin­ning. He returned to the Moon­tow­er Just for Laughs Com­e­dy Fes­ti­val this year and spoke with us about his many babies” — both lit­er­al­ly and fig­u­ra­tive­ly. Between father­hood, suc­cess­ful pod­casts, a standup career, writ­ing, and audi­tions, to say Watkins is busy is an understatement. 

Just this March Watkins released his sec­ond hour-long standup spe­cial Dad­dy” which he self-pro­duced, direct­ed, and edit­ed him­self. I put a lot of ener­gy into this spe­cial release that I just put out on YouTube,” he says. It’s stress­ful lead­ing up to it and when it’s actu­al­ly being released, but I’m real­ly glad that I did, because it’s a moti­vat­ing fac­tor for me to work on that next hour and start putting that together.” 

The new mate­r­i­al con­tains a mix of jokes from his decade-plus career in com­e­dy. Some even start­ed as impro­vised jokes on his Stand-Up on the Spot, where comics ditch their writ­ten mate­r­i­al and make up jokes on the spot based on audi­ence sug­ges­tions. That’s a real­ly cool thing to see that go from just the seed or a nugget of a joke to all the way make it into a spe­cial.” Oth­er jokes were writ­ten years ago, though not nec­es­sar­i­ly in the rota­tion. Rather than sav­ing any jokes for the future, he knew he need­ed to get it all out there. Some of the jokes that made the cut are lit­er­al­ly jokes that are 10 years old, and I’m like I got­ta put this on spe­cial. And I got­ta release this and I got­ta move on to the next hour that I want to be work­ing on.”

That's a really cool thing to see that go from just the seed or a nugget of a joke to all the way make it into a special.
Jeremiah Watkins

After baby num­ber two’s arrival some­time in June, Watkins plans to take some time off to spend time with his fam­i­ly and adjust to the new nor­mal. But he’s not slow­ing down just yet. He and his wife Maja are work­ing on an orig­i­nal ani­mat­ed pilot for chil­dren that focus­es on social and emo­tion­al learn­ing, a per­fect blend of their back­grounds in com­e­dy and edu­ca­tion. And when he’s not writ­ing, he’s audi­tion­ing for voiceover roles. He’s already booked a hand­ful of roles so far. 

When it comes to bal­anc­ing father­hood and career, Watkins def­i­nite­ly feels the pull at home. He tries to make up for it but admits it’s becom­ing hard­er as his old­est son gets old­er and becomes more aware. You have to be a lit­tle bit more strate­gic about real­ly mak­ing the time count when you are home.” His approach is qual­i­ty over quan­ti­ty and being present when he does spend time with his son. You can be a dad that is home every day with your kid, but if you’re on your phone all the time around them and you’re not present, that’s not as effec­tive as lit­er­al­ly 15 min­utes a day com­plete­ly undi­vid­ed atten­tion where the rest of the world does­n’t exist.”

I want longevity in this field. I don’t want a quick skyrocket…I’m ok with the steady climb.
Jeremiah Watkins

Watkins tries to have a zen approach to his com­e­dy career. Being a hus­band and father has taught him the impor­tance of being mal­leable and open to expe­ri­ences, even if they’re uncom­fort­able. He’s also not in any hur­ry and has plen­ty of per­son­al projects to keep him occu­pied. I want longevi­ty in this field. I don’t want a quick skyrocket…I’m ok with the steady climb.” 

We want longevi­ty for Watkins, too. After all, we need to keep this recur­ring episodes streak going for years to come.

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