Woody Fu: Controlling the Game

August 27, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


This week’s guest is performing in the upcoming Austin Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, New York based comedian Woody Fu has multiple appearances planned:

  • Chinese Characters, a host of unique and outlandish personalities (all played by Fu)
  • Appearing in an All Star edition of Maestro, the longest running improv show in Austin

Fu is a comedic threat on many fronts, with stand-up, improv, illustrated comics, and a flair for hilarious video content. (Check out his YouTube channel.) While he always had an interest in comedy as a profession, he took a circuitous route through multiple careers before his excursions into improv turned into a career in performance as his primary pursuit.

And we’re not exaggerating when we say Fu has many fronts, including a Comedy Wham first: creating a Choose Your Own Adventure style online game. Called Escape from the Fuckzone, it flips the “friendzone” concept on its head, empowering the female protagonist to fend off advances from hopeful males. (It’s actually a sequel to his first game, Escape from the Friendzone.) Both games showcase Fu’s illustrations, more of which can be found--along with many of his videos--at Peroxide Comics.

2017 has been a big year for Fu, with his long running shows, Out of Bounds, and a Comedy Honorable Mention at the Asians on Film short festival for Chinese Santa Claus. Like his stand-up and one-man shows, he explores his bi-racial culture, family, and background with personal, intellectual, and introspective glee. With shows like Asian Gracefully (currently the third incarnation of his long running one-man show about ethnic identity) and Chinese Characters, Fu shows his continual dedication to refining and growing into his writing and performance skills, a journey he readily admits is perpetual.

Catch Woody Fu at Out of Bounds Comedy 2017 this Labor Day week/weekend, and stay up to date with his many pursuits in New York and elsewhere at woodyfu.com.

Woody Fu