The State of Jeremiah Watkins

May 11, 2019

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Lara Smith


2019 Moontower Comedy Series

In kicking off our Moontower interview series, it would only make sense to start with our very first three-peat. Jeremiah Watkins now holds the honor (the honor is truly ours) of being our first guest to sit down with us three times. It seems to have become a tradition for Comedy Wham’s Valerie Lopez to catch up with Watkins each year at Moontower Comedy Festival. This year we got a firm commitment that as long as he’s at the festival, the tradition will continue.

Looking at all the projects Jeremiah Watkins has his hands in, it’s impossible to imagine he won’t be back next year. Watkins was so busy this year, he had to catch a rideshare just to make it from one show to the next. We should know, we were in the Lyft behind him, racing from Roast Battle to the Goddamn Comedy Jam. Watkins is a long-time member of “The Wave” for the aforementioned Roast Battle, which now tours. He is the roadie known as “Mosh Pit” for The Goddamn Comedy Jam, he is the band leader for the popular podcast Kill Tony, and he hosts his own podcast Jeremiah Wonders. In addition to all of this, Watkins hosts the very popular showcase Stand-Up On The Spot, in its eighth year in LA, now at The World Famous Comedy Store.

But wait, there’s more! Watkins is a very talented musician and saxophone player with a new comedy album coming out with friend and Kill Tony alum, Pat Regan. The duo known as Regan and Watkins release their debut album on June 7th. The album is a musical comedy album with sketches peppered throughout, harkening back to a classic style not often seen today. There’s even a video release for the track Stepdad, featuring the one and only Pauly Shore.

You would think that someone working so hard and short on time might be tough to work with, but Jeremiah Watkins is pretty well known for being one of the nicest guys in the business. When asked how he can stay so positive in such a tough industry Watkins says, “I definitely wish sometimes that I was more of a dick because it’s way easier,” but he continues, “But it's so much more gratifying, long term, to be a good person and, and be kind to people.” Watkins exhibits this philosophy in each episode of Jeremiah Wonders as he presents listeners with a “Kindness Challenge.” Watkins shares an act of kindness and asks listeners to go out and do an act of kindness and email that into the show. During the segment, Watkins and his guest will read the listener’s act on the show. Guests are also encouraged to share an act of kindness they’ve recently done. It’s a way of trying to make these thoughtful kind experiences infectious.

“I definitely wish sometimes that I was more of a dick because it’s way easier...but it's so much more gratifying, long term, to be a good person and, and be kind to people.” Jeremiah Watkins
So with all the irons Watkins has in the fire, what could he possibly add to the pile? He’d like to do his own sketch show. The ultimate goal for Watkins is to join the cast of Saturday Night Live. And if that doesn’t happen? Get so famous, like pal Tiffany Haddish, that they ask you to host the show instead. With all that he’s done so far, we don’t think that goal will be too far off. However we imagine he’ll have just as many projects going. Picture this: Watkins jumping on his private jet to make it from one show to the next. Maybe we’ll be in the jet behind him.

Jeremiah Watkins is busy as can be, so you have plenty of options to see and hear him!
  • Regan and Watkins:
    • June 6th: Album Release Party at The Comedy Store: Main Room
    • June 7th: New album is out on all your favorite music platforms
    • ...and new music video coming out soon!
  • Historical Roasts on Netflix debuts on May 27th- All episodes
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  • New episodes weekly of Jeremiah Wonders
  • Catch Kill Tony on tour throughout the US this summer
  • Stand-Up On The Spot is every month at The Comedy Store
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  • The Goddamn Comedy Jam anywhere and anytime you can catch it

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