Pat Dean Manages Funny

January 6, 2018

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


To be greeted by a friendly face at a venue, especially before an anxiety-filled event like taking the stage to perform, can be absolutely priceless. If you've dropped into practically any comedy club or show in Austin in the past few years, Pat Dean has almost certainly been one of those faces. He is, as Valerie says in our new interview, "omnipresent"; almost eerily so. We're not saying black magic is involved, but we're not not saying it isn't. With Pat Dean, nothing is off the table.

One of the places you can expect Dean as a newly anointed fixture is the amazing Velveeta Room, aka The Velv. Starting January 2018, Dean took the opportunity to become the full-time manager of the establishment. For someone that has long taken an active role in guiding and promoting up and coming Austin comedians, it's a perfect fit for him.

When he's not busy managing, napping, or kneeling on broken glass, Dean is involved in a flurry of other projects. He recently kicked off the Lanalax Corporation podcast with Aaron Brooks, a bizarre Choose Your Own Adventure style narrative that asks the guest to determine their fate through a series of questions. Working with Joe Tullar, Rob Gagnon, Avery Moore, and others, Dean recently helped put out the first episode of Knight Quest, a bizarre and hilarious medieval fantasy cartoon. (Dean co-writes, and also plays Galdorcraft the necromancer...and you thought we were kidding about the black magic bit.) The latest episode is on YouTube, and is full of Austin voices you'll instantly recognize. Also, they're listed below the video.

All this and Dean still hosts and performs in shows, like Shit's Golden with Chris Tellez, the first Monday of every month at Spider House Ballroom. For someone with seemingly a million plates in the air, Dean is remarkably calm and pragmatic about his future. Check out the interview to hear more about balancing his transition to responsibilities at The Velv, and how he plans to keep building his personal empire while still being that supportive, amicable face you'll see all over town. And don't worry, he'll still insult you to your face, but you'll love it, and know that it's a compliment followed by a helping hand to get you on your way. Just as you'd expect from the still-reigning Mayor of Austin Comedy.

Keep up with Pat Dean on Facebook and Twitter, and watch the calendar at The Velv for upcoming shows as he shapes the coming year(s) of talent hitting the stage there.

Pat Dean