Nikita Redkar Finds Her Place in the World

March 28, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


When Nikita Redkar sat down with Valerie to tell her story, including the spaces she’s inhabited, literally across the world, something immediately resonated with me. Well, many things did, but one in particular: her time in New York. She put into words things about being there, using language to describe it that I myself have often struggled to find. To the creative mind, it’s an endless buffet, the cultural equivalent of the chocolate conveyor belt that Lucille Ball had no choice but to attack with ferocity.

Redkar has crossed the globe in her travels from her original home in Austin before returning back to us. Besides New York, you’ll definitely be surprised to hear some of the places she’s spent her years.

Fans (and those with even the most basic skills with Google) will have no doubt run across the many, many writing credits Redkar has to her name. And make no mistake, she was first a writer, and one of the rare breed that makes the move from behind the glowing light of the computer screen to the glaring lights of the comedy scene.

Fighting the stage fright that I think comes with most beginning (and many seasoned) comics, she stepped onto her first open mic stage during her stint in New York. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t perfect. Yet it set her off into her next experiences with a tenet that is as old and true as they come: You may trip (she once did), you may fall (and yes she did, literally), but you get up again and keep going.

Redkar and Valerie dig deeper into how the mind of the writer has to approach and adapt when performing; the need to grab someone’s attention from the immediacy of the stage, and dealing with revisions when the audience is your editor.

Listen to the interview, and catch up with Redkar at the Playpen open mic every Tuesday at 8pm at The New Movement Theater. It's a show where only new material is allowed, and anyone can sign up at She's also on Twitter and Instagram. Give her a follow.

Nikita Redkar