Melody Shifflet: Push-Ups on Broken Glass

December 13, 2016

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


It’s a common trope that comedy is born out of personal darkness. While Melody Shifflet has had her share (and maybe yours) of hard times in her past, she definitely doesn’t let it define her life and stage persona.

A native Texan, Shifflet started her life in Pasadena before coming to Austin, and has spent the majority of her time here ever since. In Part one of her interview, She takes Valerie Lopez through a variety of stops on a journey that served to teach her about her strengths, weaknesses, and how each help her evolve for the next phase in her future. We also learn how a zine with friends led to that tantalizing first step onto stage that has brought her to being a mainstay on the Austin comedy scene.

Melody Shifflet: The Past

When she’s not working on her joke noodle arms, Melody Shifflet has found time to be a semi-finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin contest, and has guested on the The Listening Room, a long form podcast. The Listening Room is one of the many showcases of her passion for writing. In Part two of her interview, Shifflet and Valerie dig into how she continues to drive and refine her skills in the area.

Melody Shifflet: Current

Coming up in early 2017, look for Shifflet in a new season of Stand Up Empire, the PBS series on comedy filmed right here in Austin. You’ll have to listen to learn how she’s planning to prepare her set - it’s all the rage these days.

Find more about Melody Shifflet and her upcoming shows on her Facebook and at Last Gas Comedy. She also does the picture thing on Instagram, and muses on Twitter. If you're looking to check Shifflet's comedy out in the near future, here are some opportunities:

  • Bar 512, Thursday 12/15
  • WE RUN THIS (a stand up and storytelling show) at Coldtowne on 1/3 and 2/7
  • Courtney Peterson's Senior Home Show on 1/9
  • Good Vibes at Adelbert's on 1/11

Melody Shifflet