Matthew "Math" Broussard

August 8, 2016

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

David Thomas


Matthew Broussard is about to celebrate his 5th year as a stand up comedian. He got started doing open mics at 23 years old, which means the 28 year old still has plenty of years ahead of him in the comedy scene. If you're impressed with that math I just did, then read on, loyal readers.

Broussard grew up in the Sparkling City by the Sea until he moved to Atlanta, GA in high school. After graduating he made his way back to Texas for college at Rice University where he began studying mechanical engineering. Later on he changed majors to applied math. He got his start in stand-up comedy after seeing Donald Glover perform a live show. Matthew Broussard was blown away by how Glover had the audience in the palm of his hand. A year later, Broussard found himself winning a Houston comedy contest.

Matthew Broussard

For the record, Valerie is a huge math geek and gets wrapped up in discussing applying algorithms to joke writing and delivery with Broussard. It’s pretty interesting and this is coming from a non-math enthusiast. I know math is everywhere - Fibonacci sequences in sunflower petals, always having to ask people to Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, it's all over the place. So it should be no surprise it can be found in comedy. That's the beauty of comedy. It's malleable. The premise - a lump of mental clay - shaped and formed by the performer and given to given to the audience custom crafted and kiln fired. Yes, you got math and ceramics with this one.

Broussard has been on Conan and on Comedy Central Roast Battle. Click the links to get a cut of his jib. He'll also be featured on three dates of the upcoming Oddball Comedy Festival. He also has a cool website named Monday Punday. It mixes puns with puzzles.

Matthew Broussard