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January 16, 2020

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Welcome to Part 1 of the "Comedy Wham Presents 4 Year Anniversary" celebration! (Part 2 will come next month.) We couldn't possibly choose one single comic to mark the 4 year anniversary of the release of our first podcast interview episode, so to make my life easier, I chose someone that I knew was eminently qualified to geek out over the Austin comedy scene with me.

Marcus Wilson is everywhere. Nearly every night, he's watching shows at The Velveeta Room (full disclosure, he has a drink named after him, eponymously labeled "The Marcus"), Fallout Theater, Spiderhouse Ballroom, or one or the other of our favorite venues for watching comedy. He's never been on stage, but he takes great pains to support all of you who step on stage to make us laugh.

We both heap a large helping of praise on The Velv, Fallout Theater, and our friends, our dear, dear friends Brendan K. O'Grady and Duncan Carson at Sure Thing Records. Of the Fallout's thriving calendar of events and the dedication of the owners who invested emotionally and financially in taking over the venue from its controversial predecessor, Wilson says "that's really the kind of proof that not only do people like comedy, but people are willing to support it, and the arts are important to people." And at the time of the release of this episode, The Fallout is on the heels of its 2 year celebration weekend; we can't recommend the stacked lineup enough!

That's really the kind of proof that not only do people like comedy, but people are willing to support it ,and the arts are important to people.
Marcus Wilson

Ever interested in exploring both sides of a coin, I tried to lure Wilson into talking drama in the Austin comedy scene. What you discover from listening to this portion of our conversation (about whether Austin is ready for a paid open mic) is that Wilson is very, very, very careful and conscientious about not playing favorites. It pains him later to pick his favorite "comics to watch" or "shows to see" in 2020, because he repeatedly reminds me that he does not want anyone to feel excluded just because he names one person or show but not another. It's a painstaking attention and dedication to loving everyone that is precisely why Marcus is so beloved by the Austin comedy scene; a scene always buoyed by seeing him in the audience.

Since this is an anniversary episode, Wilson joins me in talking about the changes that Comedy Wham has seen over the last 4 years. From a podcast only project 4 years ago, to adding album reviews, live shows, and--as of December 2019--a robust calendar of live comedy events at your fingertips, Comedy Wham has grown significantly. We'll continue to grow as the Austin comedy scene continues to grow. New features, more content, and a broader reach of coverage are all on the horizon. We'll continue covering the comedy festivals in town and continue covering the Austin-based comics that make the Austin comedy scene vibrant and evermore diverse.

Among the many people named in this episode, one that doesn't get nearly enough credit for the growth of Comedy Wham is Richard Goodwin; the mastermind behind the scenes, he has built a vibrant, well-designed website with oodles of features and without Richard, we could never have taken on the task of absorbing the Last Gas calendar. Many thanks to Carina Magyar for handing us the keys, but without Richard, we'd be a heap of metal and rubber on the side of the road to nowhere.

And huge thanks to the comics who have embraced the calendar and have been submitting their shows! It shows you trust us and that means a lot when you are working so hard to produce great shows and know that people are coming to the site to see your shows on our calendar. All of this while I get to continue seeing live comedy around town and tapping comics on the shoulder asking "can you do my podcast?". It's amazing to me that, after 4 years, I'm still just as thrilled as ever to find new faces willing to share their lives with me and the Comedy Wham listeners...listeners that span the globe--it's true!

The Austin scene is great. It's just so vibrant, and there's so much going on.
Marcus Wilson

Returning to Wilson, and bringing this to a close, we think his love matches our love of the Austin comedy scene. There's so much good (and admittedly, a growing scene will have some bad, too) in the scene and we're grateful to get to watch everyone chase their dreams. We think Wilson said it best when he said "the Austin scene is great. It's just so vibrant, and there's so much going on." We're so lucky to be here to watch you all do what you do. And much like Wilson, we love everyone, too.

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