Lexie Grace: Positively Fabulous

October 19, 2019

Photo Credit

Bethany L. Fanthorpe

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


This week we round up our 2019 Out of Bounds Comedy festival coverage with a comedian who has described herself as having a “Christmas Hallmark movie” personality. Lexie Grace is a comedian and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, but took time from hitting Austin landmarks like Toy Joy to talk to Valerie Lopez about what makes her uniquely vivacious.

Out of the gate, Grace cops to having done homework for the podcast, even consulting with her mother about some of Valerie’s trademark questions. The reasoning for this becomes clear quickly, as Grace’s mother was herself a standup comic, and exposed Grace to it at an early age. So, practically from birth, she was immersed in the art, as her single mother made time to hit the stage with “raunchy” bits, yet still ensure she was in the church pew on Sundays.

Grace has a positivity that she also attributes to her mother’s “Tony Robbins-like” motivation and encouragement style. It’s a habit that often must be cultured, and can be applied to many of life’s challenges; she notes, “I have less anxiety if...I have positive intent, versus negative intent.”

I have less anxiety if...I have positive intent, versus negative intent.
Lexie Grace

All this didn’t mean Grace was ready to hit the stage once she shed her diapers; as with many of us, there was a bit of a natural aversion to the profession our parents had made their own. Amidst dreams of becoming a “chain smoking detective”, or going to Yale to join the cultural elite in secret societies, she eventually found her inspiration in creative writing in forms backing performance pieces.

Life later led to the traditional (yet mostly thankless) 9-to-5 job, with a side serving of improv classes. Grace admits some of them didn’t go her way, but she applied that proactive positive mentality and powered through, eventually finding herself in stand-up classes, among many others. At the urging of one of her teachers, and against the grain of resistance to entering her “mother’s profession”, Grace found the thread that finally seized her attention: her passion for writing could be translated into the performance she was seeking behind the comedy mic.

I do believe that if you keep presenting yourself as yourself, people will get the hang of it, they’ll go ‘oh, I get who you are’
Lexie Grace

As Grace’s interests and performances grew from this seed, we had to know: how does her positivity-forward personality fare in the competitive--some might say aggressive--LA comedy scene? “I do believe that if you keep presenting yourself as yourself, people will get the hang of it, they’ll go ‘oh, I get who you are,’” she says of finding acceptance in a culture that sometimes breed the sense that your peers are harboring ulterior motives behind their public personas.

Grace is tenacious in bringing her personality to the fore, even posting positive stories almost weekly on Instagram and YouTube. The work continues to pay off, as fans follow, and even find her, through the medium. It also continues to return dividends on stage, giving her the tools to relate to not just receptive audiences, but for managing (with love!) the occasional heckler. She tries to follow the advice of UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, summarizing her strategy as “never leave it in the ring,” giving her performances all she can, whether killing or bombing. Yet another sign of her upbeat philosophy can be found in one of her favorite Mexican proverbs: “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.”

Where is all of this going to take Grace next? She’s done festivals across the nation, and recommends other comics try them for the unique experiences and venues they can provide. She also advises that, no matter how a project or performance goes, make the most of it: “Life is so sad already, why not have light and levity, and make fun...laugh at it.” She performs constantly in Los Angeles, and will no doubt be at more festivals in the future.

Wherever you see Lexie Grace, you can bet she’ll be waiting for you with a bright smile on her face. Check out her weekly videos on Instagram and YouTube, and stay up to date with her performance dates at smilelexie.com.

Lexie Grace