Ky Krebs Finds Who He Always Was

December 23, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


In the arsenal of tools required to be successful in comedy, self-awareness ranks quite high; although it could be argued that sometimes a fair amount of self-delusion certainly can't hurt. But when it comes to knowing who he is, and what drives him, Ky Krebs has the skill in spades.

It isn't something we are generally born into, and Krebs was no exception. From an early age (we're talking the ripe old age of 9), he knew his antics suggested a propensity for performing, but, growing up in a small Louisiana town, the path ahead wasn't clear. Inspired by comics like Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor, as well as trying his hand at dramatic and musical theater in high school, the comedy undercurrent continued to flow in him, but still the ultimate outcome was uncertain.

Even after his first open mics in Charlotte, NC, where he landed post-college, Krebs still hadn't reached the place to really commit heart and mind to comedy. At the suggestion of his sister, he packed up his car and drove to Austin to check it out; he unpacked after a week and has been here ever since.

Surprisingly (to us now), the thriving Austin comedy scene wasn't part of the decision to move here. Caught up in a rough relationship, his focus was on keeping that particular boat afloat. It was through a montage of events (that could have been straight out of a movie), starting with a New York City vacation, that suddenly empowered Krebs to see himself, his worth, and the world in a new light. With that awareness came a renewed energy to perform, and 2 weeks later he enrolled in classes and started hitting open mics with a fervor.

Krebs's story is raw, inspiring, and he has plenty of experience to share about comedy, writing, and life in general. In a career, as in life, where finding your own voice is critical, he's well on his way. He regularly does stand-up, including Funniest Person in Austin; improv at familiar haunts like The New Movement Theatre; and co-hosts the Extra Salty Podcast with previous CW guest Jasmine Ellis. He hosts his own show, Spitballin', every 4th Friday at The New Movement. Spitballin' is a rapid-fire challenge that pits comics against new topics tossed at them right before they perform. He even shot for an ambitious 300 total performances in 2017; we won't spoil how close he is, but let's just say...very.

Catch Ky Krebs at these upcoming performances, and Spitballin' every fourth Friday. Hit up, and his Twitter, for more news on shows, podcasts, and projects.

Ky Krebs