2015 Funniest Person in Austin Week 1 Roundup

April 13, 2015

The 30th annual Funniest Person in Austin Contest kicked off last Monday with a bang. This year, I'll be providing you with weekly updates of who moves on to the next round, joke of the night winners and so on.

Monday Night

Monday night had three ladies advance to the next round. Kat Ramzinski, Maggie Criss and Sara June all advanced to the next round of the Funniest Person in Austin Contest. I don't recall seeing Maggie Criss or Sara June live but I've seen Kat Ramzinski on many occasions and she's rock solid. There's an edge to comedy that makes you think she'd be a good person to have your back in a bar fight.

The winner of the alternative spot was Bob Khosravi.

Tuesday Night

Tuesday saw John Buseman, Zac Brooks and Casey Crawford advance to the next round. Besides stand up comedy, John Buseman is a sketch comedy vet, and can frequently be found at The New Movement Theater (seriously, this theater keeps working its way into my articles). I've seen Zac Brooks at Punch!, Sure Thing, and at other shows across town. He's participating in the Moontower Comedy Fest along with Buseman this year as well.

The winner of the alternative spot was Arielle Norman.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tygW39jVCg&w=560&h=315]

Comedy is subjective and the best way to help your favorite comedian advance is to get to the club on the night they're competing and support them.

Cap City Comedy Club's box office opens at 10 AM and tickets can be purchased in advance by calling 512-467-2333. The Funniest Person in Austin contest will being going on until Monday, May 18th when the Funniest Person in Austin will be crowned. Please remember that the club has a two item minimum policy and NO HECKLING!

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