Do You Know Who Brendon Walsh Is?

December 1, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


Fresh off a tour with comedian Doug Stanhope in September, Valerie Lopez craftily snagged this week's guest, Brendon Walsh, for an interview between two sold-out shows at The Velveeta Room.

Walsh is a standup, acting, and writing powerhouse, and you've definitely run across his work before. On the TV front, he's worked on multiple Comedy Central series, like Drunk History, the now departed @midnight, and is working on a new project with Comedy Central called Weird Uncles (with his long-time friend and Bone Zone podcast partner in crime, Randy Liedtke).

He's also a former Funniest Person in Austin winner, and a veteran podcaster with hits--old and new--like Bone Zone and Do You Know Who Jason Segel Is? with Nick Thune. (They literally call around the country asking people if they know who Jason Segel is, and, with the magic between Walsh and Thune, it actually works beautifully.)

Walsh formerly made Austin his home, but moved to Los Angeles in 2009, following the well-tread path of comedians building their careers. He still gets back to Austin when he can and remains a big champion of the scene. We can certainly forgive him the deltas between visits, as--in addition to all of his other projects--he's also a new dad. (Check out his Instagram for pics of the growing family.) While the new creative areas he's exploring keep him grounded (physically at least) more often, he still has love for the chaos of the open road stand-up experience. might be a strong word, but Walsh does give Lopez some solid advice on making what can be a harrowing experience a bit more enjoyable.

Thanks to Brendon Walsh for sitting down with us. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and find more info about his projects at Keep an eye out for the upcoming Weird Uncles show, and do yourself a favor and subscribe to Do You Know Who Jason Segel Is? right away.

Brendon Walsh