Carina Magyar Has Found Her Voice

May 7, 2016

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Carrie Smith/Stand Up Empire

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Valerie Lopez

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Valerie Lopez

Carina Magyar is the friend you didn't realize you needed in your life. She was raised in Denver and has had a love/hate relationship with stand up comedy. She's recently settled into her comedy routine while transforming herself. Quite literally, Carina has been transitioning from a man to a woman and speaks eloquently about transgender issues. Magyar sits down with me to discuss comedy, transitioning, dating and parenting.

In part one of her interview, Carina Magyar talks about her journey from Denver where her family was marooned, to Queensland, Australia to Santa Cruz, California and finally Austin. After a few false starts in other cities, Magyar finally gets hooked on stand up comedy in Austin. Along the way, she finds her voice as a woman and life starts falling into place for her.

Carina Magyar Part 1: The Past

In part two of her interview, Magyar talks about her January 2016 article in Austin Monthly, "In Her Shoes" and how social media can be a platform to change people's misconceptions about being transgender.

Carina Magyar Part 2: Current

Magyar is celebrating a lot of comedic success: from taking over hosting duties at Live at Coldtowne to producing Date or Die to advancing in the Funniest Person in Austin contest. Her approachable style both on and off stage makes you want to be best friends.

Carina Magyar