Allison O'Conor: Watch and Learn

October 20, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


When Allison O'Conor commits, she really commits.

From worshipping the sketch humor of a young Amanda Bynes, to an illustrious supporting role in a church stage production, O'Conor's plans in the world of comedy were cemented in her mind early.

Born in Houston, O'Conor made her way to Austin for the University of Texas, but quickly found herself getting simultaneously involved in comedy projects. The ball started rolling when a connection through her brother led her into the UT improv group Gigglepants.

It wasn't long before O'Conor tried her hand at stand-up; like so many, the first outing wasn't all she hoped it would be. (Generally, the hope is that people laugh.) But understanding what happened next is key to understanding one of her strengths: she observed, took notes, and threw herself right back into another attempt. It's a common pattern for O'Conor, who doesn't hesitate to try new things, and always takes away lessons for the future, regardless of the outcome.

It's a skill, paired with raw talent, that has served O'Conor well in the Austin scene. She's continued to expand her presence, with projects like the web series Mr. Nice Girls (with best friend Hope Carew), and last fall took over co-hosting the popular weekly show Buzzkill with Comedy Wham alum Devon Walker. (Buzzkill is actually a long-running free show originally started by another alum, Katie Pengra!) She also helped create the weekly showcase Chortle Portal, run by Andrew Clarkston and Danny Goodwin.

Check out this week's episode for a much deeper view into the love and determination Allison O'Conor has for comedy; she's infectious, adventurous, and--yes--committed.

O'Conor hosts Buzzkill at Buzz Mill Coffee with Devon Walker every Wednesday at 9pm. You can also catch Allison O'Conor at one of her many upcoming appearances:

Alison O'Connor