Rochelle Takes on Comedy: Faith in Yourself

February 14, 2022

Guest Column

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If you got it, flaunt it. If you don’t got it, flaunt it.
Mindy Kaling

Hi! I’m baaaaaack!

Man covid is annoying. I like every other person on the planet and just so done with it. I did both vaccines, the booster shot, and still I got sick. Thankfully, it was mild and now I’m back from outer space (shout out to Gloria Gaynor). And what I came back with is: I am not a fan of cold.

I think I forgot winter existed because I’ve been living in New Orleans where there is a cold breeze for a week and then we get back to partying. But Austin has what I would call seasons. Eww. How am I supposed to think of a master plan under a comforter? I’ve tried. But the master plan keeps coming down to how I can get through a family-sized bag of peppermint patties without gaining weight.

(If you know the answer please hit me up on IG.)

Who Am I?

I’m Rochelle McConi­co, own­er of Moon­Crick­et Pro­duc­tions, a live com­e­dy event com­pa­ny. I am a standup come­di­an, impro­vis­er, sketch actor, writer, direc­tor, pro­duc­er and pod­cast­er. I am also co-pro­duc­ing the Lysis­tra­ta Com­e­dy Fes­ti­val — a cel­e­bra­tion of women comics. I am writ­ing for Com­e­dy Wham because Valerie is a vision­ary and proud sup­port­er of the com­e­dy com­mu­ni­ty. (And if I don’t say that, she beats me.)

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This Week’s Randomness Packaged as Insight

You know how in reli­gious cir­cles they say that the bat­tle is in the mind? I know peo­ple are all anti-reli­gious right now but hear me out. Besides, the same per­son who says they’re anti-reli­gion will tell me how they are also a triple Tau­rus and swear a Chani Nicholas horo­scope told them to quit their jobs and move off the grid. So….

Maybe we’re not tra­di­tion­al­ly reli­gious, but in times of uncer­tain­ty, we are all look­ing for some­thing to believe in. I’m no dif­fer­ent. And what I want to believe in right now is myself. And I encour­age you to do the same.

I chal­lenge you to make your real­i­ty bend to the faith you have in yourself.

Cuz let’s face it. You’re not always going to be the best or be told you’re the best even if you are. You’re not always going to have a good set, or get that next gig, or make the con­nec­tion you think you must have to move for­ward. But when you have faith in your­self, you’ll weath­er these storms. You’ll have the con­fi­dence to cre­ate path­ways when the one you’re on gets blocked. And when some­one tells you that there’s no path for­ward for peo­ple who look like you or come from your back­ground, your belief in your­self will pick you up and pull you through.

And also fuck those people. 

We’re come­di­ans and com­e­dy is one of the few indus­tries where you can choose your own adven­ture. Where for bet­ter or worse there is no set path. So go out there and be great!… Even if your horo­scope tells you Mer­cury is in ret­ro­grade. Have faith in yourself. 

This Week’s Show Review and/or Shameless Plug

The Wonderful Unixorn Extravaganza

Jordan MacDonald @jordantheunixorn

Ladies and gentlemen! If you were not at this show you missed out! It was a cold night outside but a stone cold groove inside. This standing-room-only show was sold out and the lineup was stacked. And if you didn’t know that you were in for a good time, you could tell by Jordan’s fly style of dress, his welcoming attitude and the projection on the wall that said ‘groovy’ in multicolored letters. Oh yes, Jordan produced his first comedy show and celebrated his birthday in style.

And it was hilarious! Each comedian brought their unique style to the show so there was something for everyone. There was plenty of good energy floating about and the diversity of both the performers and the audience was noteworthy. There was a little of everyone in the room - which is rare in many Austin comedy shows. It serves as a testament to the hustle Jordan has and the camaraderie he shows that there were people from all walks of Austin comedy represented. It was true that we were all welcome to The Wonderful Unixorn Extravaganza. And that’s a unicorn of an experience all by itself. Shine on brother!

Check out the lineup from the show. If you’re not following them yet, hop to it! But on IG, not to their cars.

Alright y’all I’ll see you next time! Please feel free to leave a comment, or let me know of a show I should go see by hitting me up on IG at @rochelle_war or on FB: MoonCricket Productions LLC. Thank you Comedy Wham for the platform. You rock!

PS: My Venmo is @Rochelle-McConico, and my CashApp is $rochellemcp. Just in case you were wondering. Cheers!

Come See Me!
Feb. 13th: Coldtowne Improv w/ Edge Control - GameOn ATX! 8pm
Feb. 14th: Skivvies ATX - The Creek and the Cave 8pm
Feb. 19th: New Orleans Funny Women Showcase - The Allways Lounge & Cabaret; New Orleans, LA 7:30pm
Feb. 28th: Skivvies ATX - The Creek and the Cave 8pm
Feb. 17th: Best Wurst Open Mic - Headliner - The Wurst Biergarten; Lafayette, LA 8pm
Feb. 25th: Lip Shtick - Last Stand Brewing SoCo 8pm

About the Author

Rochelle McConi­co is the founder and CEO of Moon­Crick­et Pro­duc­tions a live enter­tain­ment com­pa­ny spe­cial­iz­ing in inter­ac­tive, mul­ti­sen­so­ry comedic events. She is a vision­ary, writer, pro­duc­er, and per­former. In June 2020, Rochelle launched the Amuse-Bouche Com­e­dy Fes­ti­val to show­case the many great impro­vis­ers, com­e­dy pod­cast­ers and stand-ups in New Orleans and per­formed as all three.

Rochelle also wrote, direct­ed, and starred in three plays cen­ter­ing her alter ego char­ac­ter, bil­lion­aire media heiress Stan­gela Angela Hemsworth Kings­ley Winthrop Farouk Adams III. I’m Only Here for the Snacks, and Stan­gela for Pres­i­dent were both fea­tured at Infringe Fest 2018 and 2019. Her third play Stangela’s Swamp Thing is cur­rent­ly in pro­duc­tion and pre­mieres June 2022. Rochelle also co-pro­duces and co-hosts the com­e­dy-advice video pod­cast Not Anoth­er Black Show and a bi-month­ly live-streamed show — The Book­club. Both shows are designed to take on seri­ous top­ics and be seri­ous­ly funny. 

Addi­tion­al­ly, Rochelle is a mem­ber of the mul­ti-tal­ent­ed No Lye Com­e­dy col­lec­tive — a group of dynam­ic Black femme come­di­ans. With No Lye Com­e­dy, Rochelle co-pro­duced and co-wrote the sketch and vari­ety show Comedy.Peridot, per­formed sketch in the Dal­las Com­e­dy Fes­ti­val and the Los Ange­les Diver­si­ty in Com­e­dy Show­case (LADC), and per­formed improv in the inau­gur­al 2019 New Orleans Improv Fes­ti­val and 2021 Baton Rouge Improv Fes­ti­val. Rochelle has also writ­ten and per­formed for Mor­phed, a month­ly stand-up and sketch show in New Orleans, per­formed stand up in the Black Girl Gig­gles Fes­ti­val and the Tow­er City Com­e­dy Festival.

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