Moontower Comedy 2019: Lara's Picks & Recommendations!

April 24, 2019

It’s that time of year again! Time to string up the lights, hang the ornaments, and hang up your stockings in hopes that Andy Kindler leaves you something good. Wait...Moontower does have ornaments, right? They should, because it’s Comedy Christmas again in Austin. I’ve been making my “naughty” and “nice” list and I’ll let you decide which list I go with to decide what shows I’m seeing. With assistance from the new Moontower Comedy Festival app (available for iPhone and Android), here are my picks for Moontower 2019:


I’m kicking off Moontower on Wednesday 4/24 at Cap City Comedy Club with The Dudley and Bob with Matt Sideshow, with guests, Ron Bennington and Joe Derosa. This show appears to already be sold out, so if you need some alternatives, I would point you to the very hard working, Jeremiah Watkins with Avery Pearson at The Velv at 8pm, or Vir Das at 7pm or 9:30pm at The Stateside Theater. Watkins is a Comedy Wham favorite and with all his versatility as a musician, standup, and actor, Moontower keeps him so busy, you’d swear he’s omnipresent. Das is an actor/comedian of huge fame in India, who has quickly gained notoriety here. Watch his Netflix special Abroad Understanding to see how well he blends politics, ethnicity, culture, and religious subjects into hilarious and thought-provoking observations.


Moving into Thursday, I begin at Cap City again with my comedy crush, Dan Soder with Ezno Priesnitz. Soder has become a staple of Moontower, both performing and with his Sirius XM show, The Bonfire. If the stars align I will be rushing downtown to 800 Congress to catch New York’s Finest at 9:30pm. Perhaps Soder and I can share a Lyft downtown, as he’s also on the lineup there. Closing the night out at Antone’s is the Goddamn Comedy Jam at 11:30pm and I have learned never to miss these each night at Moontower. They are filled with moments you cannot predict and will never forget!


Friday. How is it already Friday?! I will begin at 5pm at the InterContinental SFA with the Austin Film Festival television series On Story. Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall will be the guest. I will be giving myself plenty of time to get into my next pick, Andy Kindler’s Particular Show at Speakeasy 8pm. Click that link to the lineup and you’ll see why I am so anxious to get in. Next I’m headed to the 9:45 pm Stars In Bars at Antone’s. Always a lineup of headliners you would normally only see in a big club, all booked in a more intimate setting. Every Stars in Bars I’ve ever been to has been stellar. Here’s where strategy is everything...I’m already at Antone’s for the next Goddamn Comedy Jam at 11:55pm


Saturday, the final day of the festival, starts early for me. Back at the InterContinental SFA with On Story with guest Dana Gould. I wouldn’t get up this early for just anyone. The traditional Ping Pong Slapdown starts at 2pm and there’s always tasty treats and hours of tournament entertainment, as comics and festival-goers battle it out on the stage. Then I’m off to That’s Offensive at 800 Congress 5pm, to watch Ron Bennington moderate a panel discussion on “what’s too offensive?” in the industry. Making my way east to The North Door at 8 pm for About Last Night hosted by Adam Ray and Brad Williams, I will be in the perfect position to remain there for the 10pm Roast Battle. If you’ve never seen Roast Battle, make this a priority, even if you have to catch a rideshare. Having just witnessed one at SXSW Comedy, they are unforgettable. In true Moontower fashion, I will end might festival at the Goddamn Comedy Jam, thus putting another wonderful Moontower Comedy Festival to bed in the wee hours of the morning.