Comic Con Minisode! Brian O'Halloran and Thomas Ian Nicholas

November 25, 2017

This week we have a couple of twists for listeners: my first time hosting the interviews, and we're on location at WizardWorld's Austin Comic Con!

Fans of comedy films will immediately recognize the two actors we were lucky to grab time with on the show floor: Brian O'Halloran, and Thomas Ian Nicholas.

O'Halloran is probably best known for his role in the first Clerks movie, created by Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith. He's far from a one trick pony though, having been in multiple additional films in the "View Askewniverse", and just wrapped on a new film with Jason Mewes (the other half of Jay and Silent Bob.) In the interview, we also learn about his love and pursuit of stand-up comedy, and some of the past and future projects he's working on both on and off stage.

Thomas Ian Nicholas is another face you've probably grown up alongside, with roles in classic sitcoms like Who's The Boss, Party of Five, and of course the American Pie series. In addition to his acting, he's also a well-known musician with albums and ongoing tours with the Thomas Nicholas Band. (They played a set at the Highball the day after the interview.) It was great to sit down with Nicholas and learn more about how he came to comedy, how it intersects with his musical life, and some of the surprises he has in store for us in the future.

Thanks again to WizardWorld, Brian O'Halloran, and Thomas Ian Nicholas, for taking time out of their busy Con to share a bit about their lives and careers with us. Follow O'Halloran on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and Thomas Ian Nicholas on Twitter and