Andie Flores es Muy Excited

October 13, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


Urgent PSA: The crowdfunding for Andie Flores's Muy Excited ends today (October 13th). Get out there and donate to support this excellent project before it's too late!

Any way you look at it, Andie Flores es en fuego. (Except in the literal sense; we checked.) A native of Texas, moving up from San Antonio to our fair Austin (with the traditional stop-over in Los Angeles), Flores has consistently been a popular face in the local comedy scene.

Raised on comedy like Saturday Night Live, and early hero Gilda Radner (and a totally understandable crush on one Mr. Gene Wilder), Flores knew early that performing was in her future. She found outlets in debate and speech, and got her hands dirty writing plays at a young age as well.

Around Austin, you've probably had a chance to see her in the extremely hot Doper than Dope (and the follow-on Doper than Dope 2), and you might have read one of her articles for Remezcla, Fusion, Screener, and Jezebel She recently took a starring role in an episode of the film series We Are.

Never intent to stem the creative flow, Flores has recently set her sights on a her own original web series, Muy Excited. While there's a distinct Latino/Latina aspect to many of her characters, comedy, and projects, she'll readily point out that it's often more in the nature of the characters than the comedy itself. Muy Excited is a perfect example of that philosophy: an exploration of what it means to be a person of color in a world where that isn't necessarily the norm. And it's a testament to her keen eye for excellence that she cast Comedy Wham alums like Devon Walker and Vanessa Gonzalez in the ensemble cast.

Get out and help crowdfund Muy Excited while you can, and get connected with Andie Flores to keep up with her projects and appearances. She's on Twitter, Instagram (with an ongoing clown picture project), and her home on the web is

Andie Flores