Nick Rutherford: Busy Being Lucky

September 1, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


In our next interview with an Out of Bounds Comedy Festival 2017 performer, Valerie Lopez sits down (virtually) with accomplished man-of-many-trades Nick Rutherford. If you don’t know his name, you’ve probably seen his face on TV or online. More on that in a bit.

Born just outside of comedy mecca Los Angeles, Rutherford had heady aspirations from the start. Frequent trips to Las Vegas instilled in him the goal of being the youngest owner of a hotel/casino in Sin City. As he spent more time there, he pivoted (a bit) to instead striving to be the youngest owner of a comedy club in the city (or country). Realizing his desires trended more toward the performance end of the business, he shifted to setting his sights on being a successful career comedian. (And yes, a very young one.)

With a well suited plan in place, 18 year old Rutherford began attending classes with the famous Groundlings, trying his hand at improv, sketch, and stand-up in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The thrill of commanding laughs satisfied him to the core on many levels, and cemented his future in comedic pursuits. One of the most prominent collaborations to his credit was Good Neighbors which set the tone for his online video presence. In the interview, Rutherford and Lopez explore just a handful of amazing stories about his journey: exciting, relatable, and sure to leave you hungry for more.

Rutherford currently splits his time between Los Angeles and New York, and has graced Austin many a time (it’s wonderful to hear how important Austin has been to his professional milestones). He’s also worked on countless projects based out of or partially produced by Austinites. If you haven’t heard of or seen him in person, you’ve almost certainly been exposed to some of his writing work or recurring/starring roles on shows like Major Lazer, Dream Corp LLC, Key and Peele, Drunk History, and Saturday Night Live. Besides being an amazing mélange of live action and rotoscoped animation, Dream Corp LLC received an impressive nod by the New York Times rating it as a top show of 2016. He’s also a podcast regular on well-knowns like Bone Zone, Getting Doug with High, and About Last Night. There are literally too many credits to list here; the man is productive. Check him out on IMDB for even more.

This week’s Out of Bounds Comedy Festival 2017 brings you several chances to catch Rutherford while he’s in town. Plan to see him for at least one performance and be sure to remind him that Austin will continue to welcome him with open arms.

He’s in the upcoming film Brigsby Bear, which you should definitely check out. And don’t miss season 2 of the masterful Dream Corp LLC which airs in October on Adult Swim.

Nick Rutherford