Nick Saverino Rounds the Bases

August 18, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


I don’t always get face time with the comedians we cover, but it’s always an interesting experience; often the offstage persona can vary quite significantly from onstage. When I met Nick Saverino, after a raucous open mic performance (hosted by Danny Goodwin at Cap City), it was a smooth and seamless continuation of the man I’d just seen bring the house down.

The term “infectious” gets thrown around readily (yours truly is definitely guilty), but with Saverino you can’t help but call it like it is. His high energy act on stage--self deprecating, goofy, and insightful--came through naturally in his personality in our casual conversation. I can be a bit shy, but Saverino greeted me warmly and made me feel instantly comfortable.

That confidence and self-proclaimed lack of embarrassment probably stems from the lifelong goal of pursuing comedy; As early as age 8, in his hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri, Saverino knew it was the profession for him. He even put together a 4 step plan to making comedy a career.

While his focus in high school trended toward band and baseball (an obsession that continues today), it wasn’t until college that Saverino attempted his first public performance in a comedy competition. With that behind him, it was time to get serious about putting his plan into action, and in 2014 he found himself on the move to Austin to do just that.

Listen to this week’s interview with Valerie Lopez to uncover more about Nick Saverino’s path to notoriety, including his appearances in Funniest Person in Austin and the newly released trailer for Call Me Brother. Then get out and catch him in person in his many local shows, and coming up in the near term:

P.S.: Shameless cross-podcast promotion: Hear more about Saverino’s writing style and approach on his episode of Leading the Blind.

Nick Saverino