Courtney Peterson: Rash Decisions Pay Off

August 4, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


PSA: Courtney Peterson, and fellow Comedy Wham alum Katie Stone, landed the chance of a lifetime to appear August 6 with Maria Bamford in San Antonio. Grab your tickets, your sparkly road trip pants, and go down to see them!

This week’s interview brings us one of seemingly rare comics that pulled what they call an “inverse guffaw”, moving from the bigger comedy mecca of Chicago to our fair city of Austin. (Ed: This is not a real term. No one has ever said it. Nice try.)

Courtney Peterson got a taste for performance at a young age, with her parents exposing her to TV, theater and stand up comedy in her early years. I’ve tried to do much the same with my daughter, to ingrain in her an appreciation for the creativity and courage that comes from the comic experience. But, so far, unlike Peterson, my kid can’t lay claim to have been bested by her own parent in an open mic contest. Yet.

When higher learning called her, Peterson jumped from her birthplace of Rochester, NY to Chicago, pivoting from pursuing Theatre to earning a degree in Film from the venerable Columbia College. It was there she found her way onto the stage, trying her hand at her first open mic in a city full of comic history and opportunity. Her early attempts encouraged her, and coupled with a long time desire to try out Austin, she packed up and headed our way to test the waters and continue building her career.

With just a year in our little town under her belt, Peterson has already made a big splash, with countless open mics, co-hosting Finite Jest, performing in Funniest Person in Austin, and podcast appearances like Storyfellers and We Heard it First.

Peterson has big things coming in the future, so sit back and listen to learn more about her beginnings, writing style, ambitions, and a bittersweet surprise about her upcoming relocation to continue her quest to stardom.

Catch Courtney Peterson in her remaining time here (for now!) at these upcoming shows:

And if legends like Maria Bamford keep taking notice, you can bet Peterson’s calendar is about to get even more packed. )

Courtney Peterson