Erica Rhodes: In Funny We Trust

May 19, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


I always knew I was cooler than the other kids. I didn’t wear the “hip” clothes, made sure to not watch the popular movies of the time, and, most importantly, I was addicted to Prairie Home Companion: a radio program so cool that literally no one else I hung with knew about it. So there was a special place in my heart just waiting for the time Valerie Lopez got to sit down with Erica Rhodes, a frequent player on that show (among many, many others). My only regret is we didn’t get to record it in Lake Wobegon; instead they caught up during the 2017 Moontower Comedy Festival.

Born in Massachusetts, Rhodes started performing from the ripe old age of 5, growing up in a musical family and with a taste for singing and comedy.

A chance encounter in college with a woman whose name has been lost to the ages, led her into acting. The choice was bolstered by hero and mentor Keillor, driving (in more ways than one) Rhodes to move to Los Angeles. Her choices led to a bountiful and varied career in movies, TV, and the web, during which she started trying her hand at comedy.

It only takes a few minutes listening to Rhodes to realize she’s in constant motion; she’s a woman of many passions and pursuits, including being a trained cellist, with an exploding body of media and comedy work. Humor is a central theme to it all, and it’s amazing to watch her weave her comedic talents through the different mediums she graces. In addition to her recent Moontower Comedy appearances, she frequently guests on @midnight and Comedy Bang! Bang!, and runs her own show, Night Light Comedy Show at Open Space in Los Angeles, the last Monday of every month.

If you can’t get out to see her show in person, be sure to follow her on Twitter where she shares both her internal monologue and other upcoming appearances. See other appearances, videos, and more, at Rhodes recently landed two new shows you should plan to catch:

  • In the role of Laura Silverman’s sister on Dr Katz: The Audio Files, premiering on Audible Channels on June 8th, and
  • As the lead in THE OFF SEASON, premiering on ABC Digital on June 20th (watch it via the ABC Go app)

Erica Rhodes