Jeremiah Watkins: "You're the Best"

May 12, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Lara Smith


It is rare that a comic describes his childhood as happy, but if you’ve ever seen Jeremiah Watkins perform, perhaps it wouldn’t surprise you. His smile is infectious, he uses every bit of a stage as part of Roast Battle’s The Wave and as “Moshpit,” a hype man for Goddamn Comedy Jam, and we could fill 400 words with all of his current projects. Did we mention he plays the saxophone?

Watkins’ comedic diversity could have something to do with growing up in Kansas with a mom who constantly reminded him, “You’re the best!” And it was as a child that Jeremiah Watkins first realized his interest in comedy. But to a kid in small-town Kansas, who studied the careers of Chris Farley, Jim Carrey, and Steve Martin, making it big in comedy seemed like a dream that would always stay out of reach.

It was Watkins’ approach to his career that seemed to set him apart. Bombing would never be an end to him. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy and there was no turning back. Determined to approach it like any career, “I’m treating this just like anybody who went to law school and now they have to find a law job.” Watkins also believes that hard work and putting in a lot of time goes a long way in the industry. We’re pretty sure that his willingness to say yes to new things and being a genuinely nice human being might also have something to do with it.

Watkins started with improv because getting on open mics under the age of 21 was a challenge. He started standup as soon as he turned 21, but having that improv skill in his bag of tricks has given him an edge at getting in on some incredible projects. Each step that Watkins has taken in his career has seemingly opened a door to the next incredible thing. Recently appearing in a sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live (starts at 10:25) and having not one, but two shows on Comedy Central, Jeremiah Watkins will soon be a household name.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can check out Jeremiah Watkins’ show, Stand-up On The Spot at The Comedy Store, the second Tuesday of every month. Not going to LA? Then check out Watkin’s podcast The Building Years or hear him as a regular on the Kill Tony podcast.

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