2017 Moontower Comedy Festival in Pictures

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Words by David. Photos by Valerie, Richard, Lara and David

Another year, another Moontower Comedy Festival, and another great weekend of comedy. Saturday night wrapped up a weekend of packed venues, laughing crowds, comedians bringing their A-game, and a 7ft sad clown with a golden voice.  I could drop a thousand or more words about my experience, but why do that if a single picture is worth a thousand words a piece? Enjoy the show:

Our own Valerie Lopez at the Goddamned Comedy Jam
Tony Hinchcliffe celebrating at the Ping Pong Slapdown
Amber Bixby at The Velv
Puddles Pity Party headlined the Stateside Theater
Ian Ambramson hosting 7 Minutes in Purgatory
Matt Sadler during Austin Towers
Antone’s hosted several shows and podcasts
Mike MacRae at The Townsend
Fighter and the Kid brought their podcast to Moontower

We hope you enjoyed the 10,000 words, and we hope to see you at next year’s Moontower Comedy Fest.


The Comedy Wham Crew

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