Lisa Delarios Makes Some Noise

April 4, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


I recently saw Lisa Delarios opening for Anthony Jeselnik, and knew right away that we had some commonality at heart. At the time, I merely believed it to be a painful shyness and a love of fart jokes, but when she sat down with Valerie Lopez to talk about her journey into comedy, it turned out there’s quite a bit more.

In a childhood filled with small town Texas living, occasional evangelical paradoxes, and a paucity of electricity and indoor plumbing at times, Delarios grew up in a bit of a drought of pop culture exposure. So I (while always blessed with a fully functional porcelain throne) immediately identified with those conditions only allowing the rare peek into the comedy contemporaries of the time like Johnny Carson and Eddie Murphy; these usually came in the form of lucky happenstance at friends’ houses and records or tapes (remember those?).

After growing up in Dallas and then the outskirts of Tyler, Delarios ultimately found herself bitten by the comedy bug through a bout of stays in New York. She’s traveled between Texas and New York multiple times, taking the learning and progress she began building on in the Big Apple and bringing it with her as she grows her skills and dedication to the art. It wasn’t always clear that comedy would be her main passion, but she eventually came to the realization that it was the path that had chosen her. Lopez and Delarios walk through some of the life changes she’s recently made to shift her focus to her creative work, and we’re excited to see where it’s going to take her.

Delarios has a long list of credits, including being featured on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, appearing in shows across the country, and being on screen in the short film Bev. She performed at Moontower Comedy Festival in 2016, and will be appearing there again twice this year on April 20th and 22nd, so get your badge or tickets now.

You can also catch her in several other upcoming shows:

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