Adam Hrabik Adds it Up

March 7, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

Richard Goodwin


I saw Adam Hrabik for the first time at, coincidentally, my own first time seeing an open mic at Cap City Comedy. Little did I know beforehand the highs and lows that can roll across the stage in such an open environment. Thankfully, Hrabik clearly knew what to expect and handled it like a pro. All in all, the way he ran the show became one of my favorite parts of the night.

Raised in the tiny (I'm not exaggerating) town of Louisville, Nebraska, Hrabik was drawn to comedy early on, absorbing records from the likes of Dane Cook and Lewis Black. He knew it was something that he was drawn to, but didn’t really jump into the scene until his college years.

In a pivot from a pursuit of an Architectural Engineering degree (I wish I knew enough about it to make some kind of buttress joke here), Hrabik turned to Journalism. At the same time, he started up the familiar ladder of climbing and learning in the open mic scene in Nebraska. In addition to time on stage, he tried his hand at writing for College Humor and the Omaha World Herald.

When it came time to make a move into a more vibrant comedy scene and settle down, Hrabik narrowed it down to Denver or Austin; luckily he landed in our fair city in 2011.

His inaugural open mic was at Cherrywood Coffee House, a venue we hear time and time again on Comedy Wham. Many performances later, he nailed the honor of a finalist spot in Funniest Person in Austin. (Check out his FPIA 2015 performance here.) He’s also done festivals, and podcasts like DrunkCast Live (including one the night of this interview. Take that, serendipity!).

There's plenty in the future for Hrabik, including more writing, more unique show endeavors, and possibly being shredded by a wheat thresher. We're hoping for everything but the last one.

Adam Hrabik