Adrienne Dawes' Many Hats

January 9, 2017

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

David Thomas


Writer, producer, director, comedian... Adrienne Dawes has many hats. She wears them well and often at the same time.

Adrienne Dawes has taken a different approach to concept of comedy than our other subjects. You'd think being shy would be a detriment for her. Instead, it proved advantageous since it gave her the opportunity to observe. Observing inspired her to write which is how she chose to approach comedy.

Dawes was raised in Austin since the tender toddler age of one and after graduating high school she went to Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY which is near Yonkers, which is north the Bronx. From this point, her life was broken into four year increments. Four years in Austin, then to Chicago where she studied improv comedy at Second City. Along the way she dabbled in stand-up and musical improv which is a story you must hear here:

Adrienne Dawes: The Past

Dawes returned home to Austin after being unable to secure a school to pursue her Masters in Fine Arts. She returned home to her family, and home to The Salvage Vanguard Theater and her performing arts family. It was discouraging for her but she didn't quit. She kept writing, she launched her own production company, Heckle Her. She brought a comedy musical named Never Have I Ever from Chicago and put it on stage in Austin. She networked. She kept working. She kept creating and gave Austin shows like Doper Than Dope and Doper Than Dope 2.

Adrienne Dawes: Current

Adrienne Dawes drops some serious life advice in her second interview with Valerie Lopez. It's advice many of us need. It's about drive, creativity, and how it leads to happiness. It's about breaking free of social stereotypes, rules, expected roles, and doing what you want to because you can. Dawes should be an inspiration to anyone feeling they're caught in a rat race and want to break free.

Feel free to check out Dawes' website for updates on her various project. In case you were wondering about the books she mentioned in the interview, here they are:

Banvard's Folly - by Paul Collins
The Species Seekers: Heroes, Fools and the Mad Pursuit of Life on Earth - by Richard Conniff