Ryan Darbonne Did It Before It Was Cool

September 12, 2016

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

David Thomas


One thing I’ve noticed about the interviews Valerie does for Comedy Wham is how people approach the concept of comedy. While there are common threads, most of the folks we interview and write about have a unique spin our beloved form of entertainment. Ryan Darbonne is a stand out, mainly because he doesn’t do stand up.

Darbonne’s approach to comedy stems from a love of movies and short films. To steal a worn out hipster trope, Darbonne and his friends were making a web series before YouTube was cool. It’s true, Hello Optimism predates the premier homemade/commercial video streaming site.

Ryan Darbonne: Past

While creating short movies and sketches is his primary focus, Ryan Darbonne has stepped onto the improv stage. He enjoys the contrast between the two forms of entertainment. Improv provides an almost instant gratification via the audience’s response, which allows him to (if I may steal a worn out Army trope) adjust fire. On the other side of the spectrum, film and video has a delayed gratification with an inherent unpredictable audience. Yet both are means to deliver comedy which Darbonne sees as a very effective critique on society.

Ryan Darbonne: Current

Ryan Darbonne is constantly working and very busy with two improv groups, Sugar, Water, Purple, and Stool Pigeon. Also, don't forget his show web series, Hello Optimism. Darbonne is also unapologetically active on Facebook.

Ryan Darbonne