Luke McClory: Instant Classic

August 26, 2016

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

David Thomas


If you've ever seen Luke McClory, you've probably noticed his distinct style on stage. Clean cut and sharply dressed, I found it hard to compare him to anyone. Even his style of stand up is distinct in that he keeps it clean but not chintzy or pandering to younger audiences. There's no Gaffigan-ish tropes, weird voices or puppets. His delivery is streamlined and efficient, and I like the flavor of his Kool-Aid.

Unlike probably 60% of current Austin denizens, McClory came to our fair city via the birth canal. This form of entrance to the city only allows 1-3 people to enter at a time so it's pretty exclusive. As a kid, he wasn't privy to cable TV so his exposure to stand up was very limited. He did manage to catch episodes of SNL and Three Stooges reruns. College lead him to study dance and theater. Click the link to find out what lead him to L.A. and back to Austin; and how he got his feet wet in stand up:

Luke McClory: The Past

In part two of his interview, Luke McClory opens up to Valerie about his current projects. One in particular, is called Weird! True Hollywood Tales where he pulls MC duties for host, Lashonda Lester. The show has been covered by Comedy Wham in the past. It is a meticulously curated show about weird/dark lives of dead Hollywood celebrities. He's also working with Derek Phelps on a new game show called Lip Sync, Dammit! at the Highball. Of course McClory tried to get it changed to "darn it."

Luke McClory: Current

McClory, clean cut, Austin bred and raised, is a rare breed. Luckily for us, he has no plans to leave the Live Music Capitol of the World any time soon. With that being said, you can find him all over town at shows, and open mics. As for Weird! True Hollywood Tales, a new home is being sought out for the show. Their original location, the beloved Salvage Vanguard Theater, has fallen victim to gentrification.

Luke McClory