Story Time With Bob Khosravi

July 19, 2016

Interview by

Lara Smith

Article by

David Thomas


I appreciate a good story teller - a comedian who can take the imaginations of the audience members on a journey of neon colored shenanigans, along roads littered with unicorn poop and magical insanity dust. Bob Khosravi (long "o") is a soft spoken comedian who enraptures his audiences with his stories - proving you don't always have to be loud to be heard.

As he chats with Comedy Wham's Lara Smith, Khosravi shows love to his dad, who he calls a natural story teller, along with family friendly Bill Cosby, George Carlin, and of course Eddie Murphy. The latter two had to be heard on the sly since his dad was trying to be careful with what his son was listening too. But kids will be kids and the rest, and Khosravi usually figured out a work away to hear the adult stuff. I'm sure he didn't hide it in his underwear drawer under that one pair of socks. My mom kept finding my Public Enemy cassettes there.

Comedy Wham Presents: Bob Khosravi

This is a fun interview. Khosravi goes into the details of being a first year comic and dealing with tough rooms. One story in particular is pretty amazing. Sorry kids, no hints this time. You'll have to hear it in his own words. Bob Khosravi is active in the Austin comedy scene and can be seen a the variety of shows going on around town, so keep an eye out for him. It'll be worth it.

Bob Khosravi