Abby Rosenquist: Jokes With a Twist

May 30, 2016

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

David Thomas


Abby Rosenquist’s performance Matt Bearden’s Piranha show during Moontower is still etched into my brain. I didn’t think a comedian, who almost comes across bashful, would have a brain harboring a brutally dark sense of humor, but it’s true. Oh, it’s damn true and she didn’t take any flak from Matt Bearden and his panel.

Originally from San Antonio, you’d think Rosenquist would’ve just headed north to Austin. She missed the exit(s) and ended up in college in Nebraska just after the diaspora of Cody Hustak, Adam Hrabik and Ryan Cownie – three Nebraska natives who collectively packed up their belongings and headed to Austin roughly 5 years before Rosenquist started doing open mics.

Fortunately for us here at Comedy Wham, Valerie managed to catch the ever busy Abby Rosenquist in some down time and get some interview time. Naturally part one deals with Rosenquist’s past and how she got into performing stand up comedy and her eventual relocation to Austin.

Abby Rosenquist Pt1: The Past

In part two, Abby Rosenquist parlay’s her profundity of the dark and awkward netherworld of comedy and lands a cohost gig with Martin Urbano on a little showcase called The Damned Dirty Filthy Show at Nasty’s.

Abby Rosenquist Pt2: Current

Unfortunately, Abby Rosenquist may not be long for Austin that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with her activities, projects and shows. All you need to do is follow @abbyrosenquist on Twitter. Be sure to follow Valerie Lopez and of course, Comedy Wham as well.

Abby Rosenquist