Yusef Roach: The Adventure Begins

Yusef Roach (Source: Facebook)
Yusef Roach (Source: Facebook)

As soon as he could, Yusef Roach left his home in the Vrigin Islands, and its conservative culture, in the proverbial rear view mirror. Oddly enough, he ended up in St. Louis and much like fellow comedian Aaron Brooks, he left St. Louis for Austin. St. Louis wasn’t all bad though. Yusef Roach did his first open mic in the Gateway to the West.

In his interview with Lara Smith, Roach talks bout his early stand up influences, his partnership with Martin Urbano and his quest to find his comedic voice.  The take away for anyone listening to the interview  is to keep working. Nothing is earned by rubbing some lamp you found in the desert.  Anyway,

Listen to the interview here

Yusef Roach is always going to open mics and showcases in an ongoing quest to perfect his comedy game. The best way to find out where he’ll be is on Twitter.


Yusef Roach

Lara Smith

Comedy Wham


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