Vanessa Gonzalez Doesn’t Know Why You’re Saying That

Promo poster for Vanessa Gonzalez
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Promo poster for Vanessa Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez has a new show! (Credit: Sophia Lucido Johnson)

Vanessa Gonzalez is one of my favorite comedic personalities in this town, and she has a new one-person show.

Vanessa Gonzalez Love Sketch Comedy

About a year ago, I came across Vanessa Gonzalez somehow. I don’t remember if it was because of the The New Movement Theater, or because I did an article about the sketch show she’s on called Bad Example. Regardless of the circumstances, I was smitten by the one person show she had written named, I Don’t Know Dating, and I wrote an article about it.

I Don’t Know Dating, did well and it landed her spots at several sketch comedy festivals around the country. Since then, Gonzalez has been honing her stand-up skills as well. Recently I had her on my podcast, The Ruca and Dave Show (never mind the slimy televangelist character), and she mentioned her new one-person sketch show named, I Don’t Know Why You’re Saying That.

New Show, New Topic

You ever have people tell you things that leave you scratching your head? Maybe an old person in your family dropped some racist

CJ Hunt in character
CJ Hunt as a lighthouse keeper.

comment and you were like “I didn’t know grandma felt that way about Anasazi Indians.” Or maybe your mom, who’s currently on her fourth marriage decides to tell why moving in with your significant other is immoral. Vanessa Gonzalez decided to make comments like these the focus of I Don’t Know Why Your Saying That. She takes the wack-a-do comments, applies her charming brand of humor to them so we all can laugh at the absurdity of life .

The Salvage Vanguard Theater will host three showings of I Don’t Know Why You’re Saying That, this weekend, December 4th and 5th. Sketch vets, Roxy Castillo, CJ Hunt and James Hamilton are taking on the host duties for each of the shows. I have seen Castillo and Hunt do their sketch thing at the New Movement Theater in the past. Castillo is Gonzalez’ Bad Example cast-mate, while CJ Hunt is based out the New Orleans New Movement Theater. I was able to see him do a crazy one-person sketch show during Moontower this past year. James Hamilton is a graduate/instructor at New Orleans New Movement Theater and has performed at Moontower Comedy Fest, and the Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco Sketch Fests.

Salvage Vanguard Hosts

Roxy Castillo addresses the audience
Roxy Castillo is cast-mates with Vanessa Gonzalez

Salvage Vanguard Theater won’t be with us much longer. The owners have decided to not renew the lease. I guess gentrification affects everyone. If you have never been to this cool theater, now is your chance. I will miss the spacious theater space, and cool artwork. The theater is BYOB and even better, has free parking. I’d strongly recommend you get your tickets for I Don’t Know Why You’re Saying That. Vanessa Gonzalez’ comedy has gotten stronger since I first saw her and the Salvage Vanguard Theater is a good space to watch her and her friends perform.

Showtimes are 8pm on Friday, 12/4 and 8pm and 10m on Saturday 12/5. Tickets are available online or you can pay $10 cash at the door. That’s CASH at the door. Sorry kids, no checks or money orders.



Vanessa Gonzalez

Salvage Vanguard Theater

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