Naughty Bits Gives Comedians Sex Advice

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Ella Gale is the mastermind behind Naughty Bits (photo credit:
Ella Gale is the mastermind behind Naughty Bits (photo credit:

Ella Gale is a rather interesting person. She’s been around the Austin comedy scene for quite some time, performing at Coldtowne Theater, and The New Movement Theater. She’s lived in Yemen and Montana among other places, but Austin has won out since she now calls our fair city home.

Gale has her hands full with a variety of comedy projects. In the past she’s performed on Stoned vs. Drunk vs. Sober, she hosts an open mic called Bomb Shelter at Nasty’s, and performs with Comedy Bazaar at Coldtowne Theater. Currently they are performing a show called A Brief History of Murder.

A New Twist On An Old Topic

One of Gale’s more interesting projects is one she co-produces with her friend and fellow comedian Katie Stone at the New Movement Theater called Naughty Bits.

Katie Stone is pretty busy as well. She hosts Sauced!, a weekly showcase at Kebabalicious on 7th and Narvasota and produces a Sunday show called  The Weekender at The New Movement Theater.

We all know that sex is a frequent topic in stand-up routines. Comedians of all styles and backgrounds have sex jokes. Cody Hustak has a pretty good one regarding a dog. Old school Austin comedian, Matt “Chicken Wing” Sadler has one regarding his preferred method of birth control. It’s just a thing. We all have sex (or want to) and some people have the talent to make fun of it.  What Gale and Stone decided to do is take these jokes and

Naughty Bits analyzes comedians sex jokes (Photo credit:
Naughty Bits analyzes comedians sex jokes (Photo credit:

give the comedian sex advice based on the joke.

It’s an outside-the-box approach to comedy and can probably be pretty insightful. It could be the jokes are a cry for help. Or it could be just a joke. I can’t say whether or not Naughty Bits is meta but it’s definitely something worth seeing.  After all, there are very creative opinions on human sexuality. The added element of seriousness as Ella Gale and Katie Stone analyze a sex joke, and then proceed to offer heartfelt advice and pointers to the comedian, is hilarious to me.

New Movement Is Home

For at least the next four months, Naughty Bits will be calling The New Movement Theater home. Every 1st Sunday Gale and Stone will be at 7th and Lavaca, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to help their fellow comedians work through their issues.

The show starts at 9:30 and runs for just an hour. That isn’t bad and work shouldn’t be an excuse. Ticket prices are only $5.00 and the next show is this Sunday, January 4th. As always, The New Movement Theater is byob (I recommend Lone Star or Coors Banquet) and on Sunday night, parking is pretty easy in The New Movement Theater area of downtown.

If you would like more information on Ella Gale, or The New Movement Theater, click the links below:

Ella Gale

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