Chris Castles Raises Standards

July 21, 2016

Interview by

Valerie Lopez

Article by

David Thomas


Chris Castles was born to perform. At a very young age, the west coast native loved to draw. At 12 years old, he discovered the guitar and bands - and as he grew older, chicks man. He discovered chicks. Castles also discovered the pitfalls of being in a band. Relying on unreliable band mates made doing gigs difficult.

Eventually he found himself at music open mics solo with a guitar and a mic. The problem was that he quickly learned he wasn't a very good singer and his guitar skills... well, he was no Esteban. Anyway, he found himself talking to the crowd and cracking wise more and more and the next thing he knew, he was really digging the art of stand up comedy.

All of this is only a paraphrase of the conversation he had with Valerie Lopez about getting started in comedy and his early influences. It's wildly entertaining, especially the part about how at 8 years old, he ended up in a town named Boring, Oregon (and I thought Texas had some oddly named towns).

Chris Castles: The Past

Though part two of the interview is uncommonly short, you should listen to find out about Chris Castles' current projects. One of which is an ongoing weekly showcase at Austin Java called In the Treehouse. He also has a podcast in the works. Knowing what I know about him, it'll be a doozy.

Chris Castles: Current

The line-ups for In the Treehouse are always top notch. If you want to stay up to date with the show and anything else Castles is up to, follow him on Twitter. If you're a cretin and aren't into Twitter, he's also on Facebook. Don't forget to follow Comedy Wham as well as the demur Valerie Lopez.

Chris Castles