ATX Tonight Helps a Family On Hard Times

November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving hurts my brain. The odd relationship between expressing thankfulness with one’s family and viscous consumerism – expressing at times, a complete disregard for the safety of one’s fellow man in the name of love for one’s own family and $200.00 TV’s, leaves me a bit cynical. Then out of nowhere, Chris Sebilia puts together an episode of ATX Tonight, donates all ticket sales to help a family on hard times, and revives my cold dead soul.

The Reason For the Season

I won’t bore you by redundantly rehashing the how’s and why’s of Sebilia’s long running ( and renamed) late night spoof show. You can find that article right here. But when he contacted me the other day about the special nature of this week’s ATX Tonight. I felt compelled to tell you, my loyal reader, about it.

We all know how tricky things get with work, paying bills, and taking care of our families. The holidays, with all the hype and anticipation, adds an extra level of stress. This time of year is special, regardless of your religious belief (or level of cynicism). There’s an air of magic and whimsy, and children run hither and thither tingling with electric excitement. For Karryn Peters the stress is a hundred fold.

Helping the Peters Family

Since waking up from a six week coma, Karryn Peters has been struggling against a tsunami of financial and medical stress. Rehab, paying bills, retrieving her car from repossession, and caring for her set of triplets, one of which suffers from spinal bifida, rivals the biblical story of Job. Enter Sebilia and friends, the Hideout Theatre, and ATX Tonight’s special Thanksgiving Show.


All ticket sales will be donated directly to the Peters family to help with bills, sundries and to show them how magical this time of year can be. The Hideout Theatere is home to ATX Tonight this week. The vaunted improv theater is located at 7th and Congress and has plenty of room for Austinites who’ve got big hearts and a love for comedy. They won’t be let down. The Poetic Butcher will be chatting with Sebilia as a special guest. Jay Whitecotton is on joke duty, and local musician Kenny D has a couple of songs planned for the audience.


Tickets are 10.00 at the door and 7.00 in advance. If you’re a bit cynical like me, this is a good way to ease into the holidays, help a family in great need, and be entertained by extremely talented people. My stepson and I will be there. We hope you will too.

ATX Tonight Tickets

The Hideout Theatre

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