Comedy Event

Sick Fux

Saturday, September 11 @ 8:00PM

Ryan Joseph, the U.S. Com­e­dy Con­test Win­ner from Los Ange­les, knows he’s sick, but only in the head. And maaaybe in his jokes. But at least he knows it, so we let it slide. Besides, they are some of the best jokes around if you like dark comedy.

Come watch an entire show­case of his favorite dark comics from Austin, New York and LA. Every com­ic on the show has been giv­en a prop­er psych eval­u­a­tion to ensure noth­ing but the men­tal­ly ill will be per­form­ing. Basi­cal­ly, come­di­ans. But cher­ry picked.

Dis­claimer: This show is not for the faint of heart or those eas­i­ly offended.

One does not become enlight­ened by imag­in­ing fig­ures of light, but by mak­ing the dark­ness con­scious.” – Carl Jung

Com­ic with the best 911 joke of the night wins!

Be sure to grab your tick­ets before they sell out!

Doors at 7PM | Show starts at 8PM



Vulcan Gas Company

East 6th Street Austin TX USA