Comedy Event

David Lucas & Keyz: The Big Ass Comedy Jam

Sunday, October 3 @ 8:00PM

If you like wit­ty, off the cuff com­e­dy mixed with some amaz­ing music…then you are going to love David Lucas and Jon Deas’s Big Ass Com­e­dy Jam. 

You know David as a reg­u­lar on the Kill Tony pod­cast. You also have heard his hit pod­cast, Broth­ers In Cur­sive with William Mont­gomery and pro­duced by Deathsquad.

David is freak­ing hilar­i­ous. If you nev­er seen him, you are going to love him. Plus, he’s bring­ing some of his famous come­di­an friends. You’ll know them, but not till the show starts. It’s a surprise.

But it does­n’t just stop there. We have the best band in town being lead by the musi­cal genius him­self, Jon Deas on Keyz. He brings an all star crew every sin­gle show.

You don’t want to miss your chance to see David, Jon and their Big Ass Com­e­dy Jam at Vul­can Gas Company.

Grab your table (admits up to 4 with the option to add 2 more) before you are stuck wish­ing you had. Get them now!

Doors at 7:30pm | Show starts at 8- Tables are sold with the admis­sion of 4 peo­ple with the option of adding 2 more tick­ets for up to 6 peo­ple per table

- You can pick your table you will be seated

- Next to each table is a lay­out of the venue and where your table will be located

- There are spe­cial VIP tables that get you clos­er to the stage, allows you to skip lines, and get spe­cial service

- 5 VIP tables upstairs can be booked up to 10 peo­ple [For larg­er groups]

- There are no refunds

- You must wear a mask into the club and when going to the bathroom

- If you refuse to wear a mask, you will be asked to leave

- No heck­ling or videos dur­ing the show, if you can play nice­ly you will be asked to leave

- Make sure to have fun and be respect­ful dur­ing the show

Grab your table (admits up to 4 peo­ple) before you are stuck wish­ing you had. Get them now!


$20 to $180


Vulcan Gas Company

418 E 6th St Austin TX