Comedy Event

Adult Spelling Bee

Wednesday, January 8 @ 8:00PM
Game Show

Final­ly a chance to redeem your­self after that 6th grade night­mare you keep reliv­ing! Adult spelling is sure to bring back a lot of those mem­o­ries but this time you’re old enough to drink and total­ly able to spell sup­pos­ed­ly!” Sign up by 8 to get your shot at the cash prize and every con­tes­tant is a win­ner enjoy­ing hap­py hour priced beer dur­ing the show!

List is capped at 25 sign ups are avail­able in per­son at 8pm but ear­ly reg­is­tra­tion is fill­ing up fast on Eventbrite!

Ear­ly reg­is­tra­tion link:



Skull Mechanix Brewing

1005 E St Elmo Rd #2 Austin TX 78745