Spider House Ballroom Hosts LaShonda Lester Benefit

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Words by David Thomas

(Source: Austin Jernigan)

On April, 30th, Adrienne Lake and her crew at Spider House Ballroom will be hosting the LaShonda Lester – Hail The Queen! Memorial Benefit for Dana and Alex, LaShonda Lester’s husband and son. While I don’t know what the comedy scenes are like in other parts of the country, I do know that Austin’s is close knit. Local comics have rallied to help Dana and Alex by doing what they do best  – make jokes.

Adrienne Lake has put together a showcase featuring some amazing comics. Here’s the list pulled from Spider House Ballroom’s event page:

Avery Moore
Chris Tellez
Vanilla Presley (Patrick Sirois and Lane Krarup)
Chris Cubas
Eric Nimmer
Roxy Castillo
Mac Blake
Pat Dean
Lisa Friedrich
Kat Ramzinski
Katie Pengra
Mike Wiebe
Plus videos of the Queen doing her Thing

LaShonda Lester’s son, Alex

This line up is comprised of comics who’ve already commited to the benefit at the time of this writing. If there are any comics wanting to participate, they can contact Adrienne Luke via her email: adrienne@spiderhouseaustin.com.  This 18+ show has a recommended $10 donation at the door, and I’m sure they’re willing to take further donations throughout the night.  The event starts at 7pm so get to the Spider House Ballroom early; have a drink or two; and get ready for a great night, honoring the Queen, LaShonda Lester.

If you’re unable to attend the benefit, Katie Pengra has set up an ongoing Go Fund Me for Dana and Alex. They’re almost halfway to their goal of 10k, and any little bit helps. Austin comedians are joining together to help one of their own. Let’s join together to help them.




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